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Maritimo Yachts M64 & M70 Surpass $100 Million Milestone

Maritimo Yachts M64 & M70 Surpass $100 Million Milestone


Maritimo Yachts M64 & M70 Surpass $100 Million Sales Milestone

Australian yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, surpasses the 100 million dollar sales milestone for the M64 and M70 models, ending Q3 of 2020. Maritimo Yachts reached the achievement after a wave of 2020 edition M64 and M70 deliveries made their way to owners across Australia and the United States this past month. Recorded sales started with the world premiere of the M70 in 2015, following the world premiere of the M64 in 2016.

Maritimo’s Brand Director and Head of Design, Tom Barry-Cotter, said Maritimo’s flybridge motor yachts are world-renowned for their unmatched straight shaft performance, long-range cruising economies, superior engineering, and construction quality. “Our owners are boaters who want to use their boats for long-range cruising and exploring with extended stays onboard with family and friends. These vessels provide the ultimate amount of volume and space on three climate-controlled levels, and incredible seakeeping ability, which translates into unrivaled long-range comfort,” Barry stated.

Design Enhancements | M64 & M70

M70 M64

The latest edition of the M64 and M70 flybridge motor yachts come with a variety of design enhancements including, integrated hull side panoramic windows with ports, new master stateroom layouts, and evolutionary hull design with straight shaft drive propulsion. Maritimo’s straight-shaft drive technology, along with precise hydrodynamics and weight distribution, allows the M70 and M64 models to cruise between 20-30% better fuel efficiency than other like brands above 20 knots.

Shaft Drive Technology | Maritimo Yachts

The popularity of shaft drive technology has also increased over the last few years by major manufacturers. Shaft drive propulsion systems are hard to beat when it comes to the long haul in terms of maintenance and performance. These systems use direct straight shafts, struts, rudders, and often thrusters and trim tabs, which pack a performance punch. Straight-shaft technology is also very flexible in terms of different power options that can be integrated.

Simplicity and Dependability | Maritimo Yachts

Another fundamental element to the success of the M70 and M64 is thanks to their simplicity and dependability. “One of the byproducts of the capabilities of long-range motor yachts is that they are always long distances away from the port, so long-range motor yachts must not be overcomplicated in their systems or engineering,” Barry-Cotter stated. From the straight shaft drive to their access and serviceability of all componentry and engineering, these yachts are the epitome of simplification and reliability from bow to stern. For more information on the M64 & M70 models, reach out to our Maritimo Specialists (833) 701-0654. Or, click to learn more.

Maritimo’s M64 Maritimo’s M70

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