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Is Viking a Good Yacht?

Is Viking a Good Yacht?

viking 64 convertibleViking Yachts is arguably the best sportfish boat builder on the market today. Not only that, but they have undoubtedly set the bar for any factory-made boat when it comes to their manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art technology, and research and development — which equates to their investment in capital. Viking Yachts invests more in developing its boats than any other boat manufacturer in the industry. The only alternative would be a custom boat, but even then, other companies do not even come close to what Viking has to offer customers. They have incredible talent far beyond other manufacturers, and you can see it in the product. Customers aren’t just building a boat that is a quote-on-quote production boat. Viking has branded itself as a semi-custom production vessel, which is the best of both worlds.
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Consistency & Excellence with Viking Yachts

Most clients looking to become part of the Viking family are people looking for the consistency that Viking brings to the table. There is no lack of service — everywhere you go, throughout every process, the expectation is the same — excellence. Customers switching from other brands and different situations can expect top-tier service and commitment to the build with Viking Yachts. 

Renowned Service & Support Teams

yacht broker with a viking yacht

One of the biggest reasons a customer steps away from a competitor’s product to a Viking product is for their service and support teams. Viking Yachts offers two service centers in New Jersey and Florida with first-class professionals trained in diverse Viking systems and models — always available to chat about hard-to-find parts or any questions about onboard components. For instance, any parts or pump replacements for a Viking sportfish are available with one call to their service team — they have stock rooms and part numbers for all model builds. With other manufacturers, the boats change, and the parts change per boat, making it challenging to stay on top of what vessel has what.

The service that Viking and Galati pride themselves on is what keeps customers coming back while also continuing to bring new customers in. Our unparalleled customer support team and Viking’s engineering team are second to none. We’ve seen long-time customers and captains that opted to take a different path to build a custom boat but ultimately missed the team they had behind them when working with Viking and Galati Yacht Sales. Being well-appointed is also a big aspect that draws customers into buying a Viking Yacht and working with Galati Yacht Sales — both companies have constructed such an amazing team of professionals, some of which have been there for decades.

Why work with a Galati Yachts Viking Specialist 


Working with Viking and our team of specialists is a marriage of two companies that have the same core value — to take care of the customer no matter what. If it cost a little extra, if something needs to be changed, or if we need to make an accommodation on both sides, it gets done and taken care of with a smile and handshake at the end of the day.

Aside from experience and product knowledge, our Viking Specialists help dial in the build process and connect you to the right set of experts at Viking — including their own team to build towers and hardtops, electronics, and the best engineering resources to put the best state-of-the-art equipment in a Viking boat. With Galati’s unmatched skill and understanding of Viking boats for sale, along with your feedback and experiences, we can offer customers a tailored boat buying experience backed by the support of Viking and their vertically integrated teams. Customers can rest assured knowing their boat is built to the highest of standards.

It’s a Team Effort

Our Viking Specialists are very involved throughout the entire process of building a Viking Yacht — from the build-out of specs, factory visits, and staying ahead of the curve on innovative products, they are involved in it all. Our specialists also have a direct point of contact at Viking, an exponential amount of customer and captain feedback and experiences, time on the water and products, and ultimately live and breathe the sportfish lifestyle. Throughout the build process of a brand new Viking sportfish yacht or the lifecycle of owning a Viking boat, you have the support of the Viking Yacht Company and Galati Yacht Sales, the top Viking dealer for over 25 years and Viking service provider for even longer.

Our Viking Yacht Specialists Go The Extra Mile

“The great thing about the Galati Yacht Sales team is that they are constantly involved, whether it’s fishing tournaments, boat shows, or events,” stated Justin Healey of Viking Yachts. “Really just developing a personal relationship with our owners and captains. They are always one phone call away and an extension of the Viking customer service team. If you ask any of the owners out there, they know that Galati really comes through in terms of service and goes the extra mile.

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