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An exclusive interview with the renowned Qualified Captain

An exclusive interview with the renowned Qualified Captain
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For those who have yet to discover the incredible phenomenon that is The Qualified Captain, let me fill you in on the backstory. Aaron Stasiak, a regular guy who worked at a marina and dabbled as a part-time tow-boat captain, launched this Instagram page in 2018.

Now, Aaron may not be a social media guru, but he had a mission – to expose the antics of clueless, uneducated boaters and hold them accountable. Little did he know that his page would skyrocket in popularity, attracting a dedicated fan base and even evolving into a renowned clothing brand and influential force in the marine industry. The ultimate goal? To educate and unite boaters, celebrating a shared love for the water.

Exclusive Interview with The Qualified Captain

Maria Galati Hill, social media manager for Galati, had the privilege of sitting down with none other than the man behind the beloved Instagram account, the Qualified Captain, at the prestigious 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.
Maria Galati Hill: With 1.1 million people following boating accidents and incidents worldwide, all thanks to you, how did this incredible journey begin?

The Qualified Captain: I worked on the water for a long time before we started this Instagram page. We started it with our own content. Next thing you know, people are sending us content, and then next thing you know, we were getting 10k followers, then 100K, and now we’re at 1.1 million, which is absolutely insane.

Maria Galati Hill: How many submissions would you say you get in a day?

The Qualified Captain: At least 100-200 submissions per day.

Maria Galati Hill: That’s kind of scary!

The Qualified Captain: Yeah, it’s a lot of work too — to go through and dial in which ones are good and which aren’t.

Maria Galati Hill: We commend you for all the work you are doing. The account is extremely educational because you’re learning from the fun tactic of what not to do.

The Qualified Captain: Yeah, that was the goal. Moving forward, we want to educate the people, keep people on their toes, and not let them get complacent. Because complacency leads to disasters, and that’s what we want to prevent.

Maria Galati Hill: Of all the videos, is there one that resonates more than the others?

The Qualified Captain: Yes, especially for the people down in Florida — the Hillsborough inlet. I see it all the time. People cut that inlet short even though there is a red marker out there that shows you exactly where to go. We made t-shirts out of that.

We extend our gratitude to Aaron for taking the time to interview with us. As always, we wish safe boating to all. Check out some of our safe boating tips below.

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