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Exclusive Interview: Laura & Chris Jessen – Fish Tank Sportfishing

Exclusive Interview: Laura & Chris Jessen – Fish Tank Sportfishing
Viking 64 Fish Tank interior

Renowned tournament champions Laura and Chris Jessen took delivery of their new Viking 64, Fish Tank, in December 2023 and had the sportfisher delivered to Costa Rica just in time for tournament season. If you follow the Jessen’s on Instagram @fishtanksportfishing, you have seen the incredible success they are already having.

With captain Ben Horning behind the wheel, the highly competitive Pacific-based boat went 10 for 17 on their first trip (just before Christmas) and 19 for 27 on their second. “In our first seven days fishing, we released a blue marlin and 120 sails,” said Laura. And they kicked off 2024 right, fishing out of Los Sueños; the team went 29 for 34 on sails.

Tournament Wins – Fish Tank Sportfishing

In their first fishing tournament of the season, the 8th annual Pelagic Rockstar Offshore Tournament in Costa Rica, Team Fish Tank/Galati took first place for the second year in a row. Last year, the team fished Galati Yacht Sale’s Viking 64, but this year Chris and Laura offered up their newly delivered Viking 64 Fish Tank.

Los Sueños Triple Crown

Later in the month, Fish Tank took 3rd place in Leg 1 of the Los Sueños Triple Crown series and second place for Leg 2 in February. The team placed in their first three tournaments in the new boat and set to compete in March for the final leg of the Triple Crown series.

In between tournaments, we sat down with Chris and Laura to talk about the new boat and more.

Exclusive Interview with Laura & Chris Jessen – Fish Tank Sportfishing

From the build to the delivery phase, what portion impressed you the most about Viking and working with Galati Yacht Sales?

Working with Carmine Galati was amazing. His genuine concern for his customers’ happiness is so refreshing. He goes above and beyond to make sure everything is exactly as you want. The Viking facility is mind-blowing… a well-oiled machine.

Both Galati Yacht Sales and Viking (Carmine and Pat) did everything they could to get us into production as fast as possible, as well as accommodate our custom requests.
You’ve been fishing a long time — what led to your ultimate decision to purchase a Viking Yacht?

We wanted a better-performing boat than our previous two and a boat builder that stands behind their product and provides support. There isn’t anyone better as far as we are concerned.
What are some notable key features of Fish Tank?

Viking 64 Fish Tank interiorOur interior. We do not have a standard Viking interior. We have a more modern interior than most Vikings. It’s lighter and brighter with clean lines.
How did Galati Yacht Sales assist you in making those features come to fruition in the final delivery?

Carmine, working closely with Viking, went above and beyond to accommodate all our special requests, as did Tony Carrizosa, our GYS sales rep. Our interior designer, Cullen Moser, happened to join the Viking Team during our build, which made the process seamless for us. Cullen knows exactly what we like, so she was a big help in assisting with our customizations.
Your following on social media is very impressive. How do you get such amazing photos?

Blue marlin


We shoot most of our own content since photography is Chris’ passion. He almost enjoys photography more than fishing!
When you were to look back on your years of fishing, what is a time that you feel is most memorable?

For Laura, her most memorable moments were catching a grander Black Marlin on the Great Barrier Reef and Winning the Los Sueños Ladies Tournament fishing solo. For Chris, it was fishing Mag Bay for the first time. “That was back when it was Just Fish Tank and Old Reliable. No one had been dead bait trolling there yet. We had it all to ourselves,” stated Laura.  His second most memorable moment was watching Laura catch her Grander Black Marlin.
What is your favorite tournament?

Any tournament we win…  just kidding! We enjoy fishing any tournament when the fishing is good. We try to surround ourselves with anglers we enjoy fishing and spending time with. Camaraderie makes tournament fishing much more enjoyable.

About Viking Yachts

Viking Yachts is a renowned sportfish yacht builder, offering a range of boat models from the Viking 46 Billfish to the Viking 90. With their commitment to quality, 90% of their boats are crafted in-house by skilled shipwrights in New Jersey. Since their establishment in 1964, Viking has dominated the sport fisherman’s market, solidifying their position as a global leader in the industry.

Contact a Viking Specialist

If you’re contemplating the investment of a brand-new Viking Yacht and are seeking professional assistance, our team of incredibly skilled Viking specialists is available to help. With their vast knowledge and experience, they possess the expertise to guide you through the process of customizing a boat to your exact specifications, just like the renowned 64 Viking – Fish Tank.
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