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Meet “IETA”: the 78′ TransOcean Power Catamaran

Meet “IETA”: the 78′ TransOcean Power Catamaran

“IETA” is a spectacular 78′ TransOcean Power Catamaran from French Polynesia. Her current owner bought her in 2017 before she was even able to hit the market. While describing the lifestyle of the vessel, her current owner stated, “you cannot get closer to living the dream than you can on this boat.” She continued by saying that “IETA” “provides you with both comfortability and ease of accessibility.”

Her most recent ventures comprised of an 800-nautical-mile return trip from the French Polynesian Islands to the Tuamotu Gambia Islands for the 2018 hurricane season. From here, she then easily handled a trip from the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia to mainland Mexico, a 29-day non-stop trip of 3,000 nautical miles trip in big sea and weather. She has traversed the South Pacific from New Caledonia to the Marquesas several times.  She has spent two seasons in the Sea of Cortez, and since 2017, she has traveled a total of 11,000 nautical miles.

“IETA” has ease of maneuverability, and provides a luxurious and comfortable ride, all while being eco-friendly and turn-key ready. The current owner has kept an extensive record of all systems, from the generator to the dinghy.


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“IETA” Design & Construction


“IETA” is unique, with her current owner stating that “her construction and design is what amazed us.” She is a TransOcean Catamaran, enabling her to cross oceans that most catamarans cannot.  She’s built on blade technology with extremely sharp bows. Riding on her is comparable to skating on top of the water, not digging into it. This alone provides a very comfortable and stable ride, even in big water. Additionally, her hull superstructure design gives you another knot of free wind.

Her most recent trip was in the Pacific in a very big sea with wind and she performed with great stability. Additionally, her design is phenomenal for field performance and ride. The current owner professed that it was “the thoughtfulness put into the design of this boat that proves itself in its performance.”



Fuel Efficient & Ecofriendly


“IETA” is a completely eco-friendly vessel. An extremely green boat, she is fully powered by solar and her economical John Deere diesels sip fuel. She runs on an 18-panel solar array and only uses fossil fuel when using her engines. Even then, her ECU engines are smart enough to calibrate themselves using wave performance loads in RPM. Meaning they will adjust how much fuel it needs, ultimately driving fuel usage down. Fascinatingly enough, “IETA” has a smaller carbon footprint than living in an apartment. Although she was constructed in 2012, she’s only been on the water for 8 years. Her engines have used <20% of their engine life.

“IETA” Is Totally Self-Sufficient


Having crossed the Pacific, she is prepared for long passages. Her unique blade technology & wave-splitting fins allow her to skate across the water. In addition, her superstructure was specifically designed so that in certain wind conditions additional speed can be gained to increase efficiency. “IETA” comes with a remote control about the size of an iPhone. With this, one can stand at the top of any of the decks and navigate without even having to be in the wheelhouse. This feature allows for the ability to get her into tight spaces. Moreover, she only draws 1.25 meters (4.10 feet) of water. Her current owners have even beached her on powder sand to clean the bottom of the hull.


Luxurious Comfort & Stability


With a top speed of 22 knots, “IETA” is both massively big and comfortable. Her current owner compared her to “living in a hotel”, saying that her “two VIP suites are as big as you’d get in an executive suite hotel.” She is comprised of a huge cabin, walk-in wardrobes and showers, and a laundry room.

Furthermore, she provides 360 visibility on every deck – from the top deck to the saloon, and dining deck. This boat is extremely versatile and very suitable for pleasure cruising. “IETA” would be appropriate for a couple that wants to continue to cruise the world. She would also make a great family boat since she has 3 double cabins, 3 bathrooms/showers, and a TV with a stereo sound system. She is also a very safe vessel because you can keep children off of the top deck. Lastly, she would also be suitable for a weekend boat in a marina. “IETA’s” thoughtful design will make any cruise a delight!

Meet the Sales Professional


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Andrew joined Team Galati as a certified yacht broker in 2015. Currently, he operates out of the Anna Maria and Sarasota yacht brokerages. Although well-versed in all yachts, Andrew specializes in the sportfishing market with a strong focus on Viking Yachts, Regulator Center Consoles, and other related brands. Contact Andrew to start your buying or selling journey and experience the Galati Difference that we’ve been known for, for over 50 Years.

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