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How to Name Your Yacht — Tips & Suggestions

How to Name Your Yacht — Tips & Suggestions

Why do people name their yachts?

Owning a yacht for many people is a big deal. It is a way of life, a second home on the water, an escape from reality, or a way to spend time with people you love most. As a yacht owner, it is your rite of passage to name your yacht; plus, a tradition that has been around for centuries. Sailors used to title their boats after Gods and other icons to bring good fortune and smooth sailing. It is a legend that has since stuck around.

Naming your yacht requires some thought and creativity if you do not already have one lined up. Many yacht owners nowadays name their vessels after a loved one, a favorite song, hobby, line of work, or a humorous pun. Many names reveal a lot about an owner’s personality, and it is imperative to put some thought into it. If you need some help in the creative department, we have some tips and suggestions to ponder when thinking of a name. View our pointers below on how to name your yacht.

Yacht Naming Tips & Suggestions

  • Keep it simple; boat names should be between 1-2 words and three at max. In most cases, boat names are one or two words so that the name can easily fit on the transom and is visible from a distance.
  • Keep the name lucid. A boat name needs to be easily understood over the VHF radio. Rule of thumb: boat names are said at least three times over a marine radio; does your boat name roll off the tongue easily?
  • What mood do you want to depict? Yacht names can be funny, romantic, adventurous, relaxing, etc. What suits you and the yacht alike?
  • Think meaningful. What name or word makes you happy when you hear it?
  • Find inspiration. What are your favorite hobbies, song lyrics, movies, art, culture, or person? 
  • Puns, double-ended words, and play-on-words are an option. For example, a pharmacist who named his boat “Drug Money” is both humorous and clever.
  • Keep it classy. Avoid using profanity and other debatable remarks. You do not want to send the wrong message.
  • Avoid names that intervene with an emergency. For an example: Man Overboard
  • Think foreign. Maybe a name in another language suits the yacht better. For instance: Pura Vida, which means pure life in English.
  • Stay traditional. Researching ancient mythology, legends, Gods, or other maritime spirits is a great way to find a timeless and classic name. Many modern owners have done away with the traditional means of boat naming, which could benefit you in the name department.

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