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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Boat Show Experience

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Boat Show Experience

    By: | Date: January 18, 2021

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Boat Show Experience

    Galati Yachts Sales at Boat Show Event

    Boat Shows are a great way to see the latest and most renowned boat models for sale, marine electronics, and gear all in one place. Better yet, many exhibitors offer special boat show pricing on products and services available at these events. We know boat shows can be a bit overwhelming with many options and opportunities, so we have created a guide below to help you get the most out of your boat show experience.

    Plan Ahead:

    To avoid getting distracted and overwhelmed at the show, have a plan in place to help with focus and reaching your end goal. Once you decide on a boat show to attend, visit their website to get a complete list of exhibitors that will be attending. From there, you can choose the vendors you want to visit while at the show. Next, print out a boat show map and plan your route. Don’t forget to make note of any must-see activities or demos.

    If you plan to purchase a boat or any high-end electronics, contact those dealers/vendors prior to schedule an appointment during the show. With many in attendance, you will want to be sure you have top priority when visiting dealers/vendors, especially if you are serious about purchasing the product. Often, you may score free boat show tickets by doing so. After constructing a well-thought-out plan, determine a budget you are willing to spend at the show. If you plan to finance a new boat purchase, get preapproved before the show to avoid any issues or mishaps with paperwork.

    Dress Accordingly:

    On the day of the show, be sure to dress comfortably and accordingly, depending on the weather. Comfortable shoes are necessary because you will easily walk a few miles throughout the show. Also, if you plan to view any boat models, many dealers will ask you to remove your shoes before boarding. Wear easy to slip on/off shoes for ease. Pack light, and bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen for your day out on the docks.

    Stick to the Plan:

    on the docks at an event

    You constructed a plan, and now it is time to stick to it. It’s easy to get distracted by all the tempting boats and accessories that surround you, but you’ll have time to browse them once your goal has been met. Spend some time talking to the dealers/vendors about the products of interest. Also, spend some time getting to know the company or broker. When purchasing a boat, you’ll want to be sure you are gaining more than just a good deal. See what kind of “after the sale” services they offer and get a feel for the level of customer service they provide. After a morning filled with note-taking, take a break and grab a bite to eat while you review your findings to decide what model/product best suits your boating style.

    Make a Deal:

    After you have decided on the boat/product that best suits you, talk to the dealer/vendor in private, away from the constant traffic of the show. Ask any questions you may have, and discuss boat show pricing. Ask about any special incentives they are offering to make a deal at that very moment. Also, ask about service and warranties on new boat purchases.

    Have Fun:

    Whether or not you purchase the boat of your dreams, be sure to have some fun. Boat shows appeal to every boating enthusiast, whether you prefer the yacht life, kayaking, or are intrigued with new technology, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the activities, enjoy the food, and feast your eyes on all of the greatest marine products available. Boat shows make for a great weekday/weekend outing with family and friends.

    Opt for the Ultimate VIP Boat Show Experience

    Galati Yacht Sales boat show tent

    Galati Yacht Sales participates in many boat shows throughout the season. Let our certified sales professionals serve as your boat show concierge. You don’t have to do it alone. Rely on our expertise, connections, and boat show knowledge to navigate throughout the shows. Our sales professionals can make appointments for you to see any brokerage yacht in the show, including our inventory, so contact us before opening day to set up your boat show itinerary. Choose the Galati VIP experience to enjoy any upcoming boats shows in the lap of luxury. It is more than a boat show, it’s the Galati experience. Contact us today to get started. View the upcoming boat shows we will be participating in for the 2021 calendar year below.

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