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Contact For Price – Yacht Pricing Guide

Contact For Price – Yacht Pricing Guide

Chances are if you have landed here, you are looking to find out how much a yacht cost. Unfortunately, there is no simple cookie-cutter price when it comes to purchasing a yacht. It all depends on your boating needs. That’s why oftentimes when looking for a price of a yacht you’ll see the dreaded three words…”Contact for Price.” We have all come across those instances when you are set to purchase a product and all you need to do is figure out the cost. We understand how aggravating it can be when the price is not listed. Especially if you’ve done all the research and just looking to ensure the price is within budget. We know what you are thinking, “they just want me to talk to a salesperson so they can haggle me”. Let us assure you, here at Galati Yacht Sales that is not the case.


Features, Warranties, and Accessories…Oh My!

You see, when buying a new yacht, many variables come into play when it comes to features, warranties, and additional accessories. Sure, we could set the price as the base price for the model but that would lead to deception in your mind; as base prices aren’t normally what you end up paying. From our experience, many yacht buyers add on features that 1) fit their liking and 2) increase the value of the boat for lower depreciation if they intend to sell the yacht later down the road. Our intentions are not to mislead you in any way. Our goal is to create trust with our customers and to provide an exceptional customer experience. Which is exactly why we would like to take a minute to explain why it is in your best interest to contact us for a price when searching for a yacht cost.

Yacht Cost All Depends On a Buyers Boating Needs


Let’s take a look at an example, Valhalla Boatworks V55 center console for sale. You’ll notice if you click into the listing you see “contact for price”. That is because looking at just base prices there are four different options just starting out. The base price you choose is dependent on how many engines are preferred and horsepower. We could throw out a number of one of the base models but that might not meet your requirements as a buyer.

Plus, diving into additional features and accessories such as a fiberglass hardtop that costs around upwards of 20k, or adding a Seakeeper which could cost over 40k, you can see base prices just don’t cut it. Not to mention, those are only two examples of custom features. The list goes on. It’s difficult to set a simple cookie-cutter price on a yacht without knowing the requirements of a buyer. Once we have additional information on a buyer’s boating needs, we are then able to go back and provide a truthful quote on the yacht of interest.

Common Misconceptions of the Cost of a Yacht

Many people often think that “contact for price” almost always means the price is too high or higher than those of competitors in the area. While in some aspects that could be true, at GYS we don’t haggle customers for top dollar; we are competitively priced with other dealers in the area. It’s the value we provide that sets us apart from our competitors. Learn more about Galati Yacht Sales’ Customer Support. Also, another misconception is that companies don’t have the resources or know-how to communicate/sell over the internet. While is some cases that is true, Galati Yacht Sales has adapted, invested, and trained our sales professionals on the latest technology available to help provide a better online experience for our customers.

GYS is Here to Provide Exceptional Service & Value

Our professional yacht brokers aren’t like your typical sale person. Galati’s certified yacht brokers are solely here to help walk you through the process of building your dream boat and to also help make the buying process as seamless as possible. Our goal is to help you see the value we can bring as a company and what we can do to help make this process as easy as possible. If you don’t believe us, check out our customer testimonials that prove we have been exceeding the expectations of our customers for over 50 years.


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