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History of Prestige Yachts | Luxury Motor Yachts

History of Prestige Yachts | Luxury Motor Yachts

History of Prestige Yachts | Luxury Motor Yachts

jeannaeu shipyard

The history of Prestige Yachts dates back to 1957 when Henri Jeanneau established the Jeanneau shipyard in France. At the time, Henri Jeanneau discovered a new passion for powerboating as he watched one pass by his window one day. That year, Henri built his first wooden hull. He participated in one of the largest national races in Paris at the time; one that lasted 6-hours. He was first to cross the line, sparking a passion that marked the beginning of the Jeanneau boat brand.

The Jeanneau shipyard has a rich heritage seeing that the “Fiberglass Sport” was one of the first model boats to implement fiberglass technology; a new technology developed by the petrochemical industry in the early 1950s. This model proved to be a huge success and became the predecessor for future models.


The Prestige 41: Debut of Prestige Yachts | History of Prestige Yachts

The Prestige 41

It wasn’t until 1989 when the famous Jeanneau Brand launched the first Prestige Yacht; the Prestige 41. This luxury yacht was designed by Garroni Design and featured a contemporary style and exceptional seaworthy qualities. At the time, the Jeanneau brand had become extremely popular for their powerboats. This was the driving force behind the company. The Prestige 41 debut not only initiated the Jeanneau brands welcome to the luxury market, but it also launched the beginning of Prestige Yachts’ story. Paving the way for what the brand would soon become known for—timeless yachts with stylish designs.


The First Flybridge Model | Prestige 36

Jeanneau Prestige 36

Ten years later another milestone for Prestige Yachts came when the launch of the Prestige 36 was made in 2000. The marine market at the time saw an increase in demand for yachts in the 30-50 feet range, inspiring Prestige yachts to release the 36 Prestige model. This was the first Prestige Yacht Flybridge model, paving their way into the flybridge market. Flybridge models were appreciated by consumers for their spaciousness, along with wide sundecks and full helm stations. That same year, Prestige Yachts also opened a new production facility in Les Herbiers, France. The Prestige brand was in full sail ahead with new designs and new models in the works for the coming years.


New Models, New Milestones | History of Prestige Yachts

From 1999 to 2009, Prestige Yachts would go on to create new Open and Flybridge models each year, further setting themselves apart with timeless designs and innovative technology. In 2008, more than 2000 Prestige yachts roamed the waterways of Europe. One year later, in 2009, Prestige Yachts became an independent brand now exporting to the U.S and Asia markets.


The Prestige 60

60 Prestige Yacht

In 2010, the Prestige brand made its debut into the market of large yachts with the introduction of the Prestige 60. This model featured elegant and innovative designs, equipped with all-new Volvo IPS pods. The 60 Prestige went on to be win awards such as the “European Boat of the Year” award and “Croatian Powerboat of the Year.”


Notable Models

Throughout the next five years, the Prestige Brand would continue to produce top-of-the-line luxury yachts in the 50-75 class range. The evolution of stunning yachts allowed Prestige to strengthen its Flybridge model and create a Sports line. Notable models include the Prestige 500, followed by the Prestige 550. In 2014, the Prestige 750 Motor Yacht was launched with new production capacities in place in Monfalcone, Italy. The 750 went on to win World Yacht Trophies in the categories of “Best Layout”, “Most Achieved,” 2014 Nautic Design Award in Paris, France, and 2015 European Power Boat of the Year in Dusseldorf, Germany.


Prestige Yachts Celebrates 30 Years | History of Prestige Yachts

Prestige Yachts celebrates 30 years

Three decades later, the Prestige Yachts brand has become a well-founded brand, recognized as a leader in the motor yacht market worldwide. They are number two in the U.S in terms of the number of registrations from the 50-60-foot range. They also have over 4,000 owners worldwide. Prestige Yachts is under the umbrella of Groupe Beneteau, the boating industry’s global market leader. With the combined talents of renowned Italian naval designers, Vittorio and Camillo Garroni, French engineers, American and Swedish engine manufacturers, and an American naval architect, Prestige Yachts has become a worldwide-recognized style; a global brand with international flair and distinction. They continue to produce exceptional yachts, designed to make the sea feel like home.


Your Prestige Yacht Specialists

Being an authorized Prestige Yacht Dealer since 2014 and a three-time winner of Prestige Yacht’s Top Performing North American Dealer, there is no one better certified to help you with your quest to find your next Prestige Yacht. Galati Yachts’ Prestige Yacht Specialists go through countless hours of product training at the Prestige factory each year. Learning the ins and outs of new models and retaining old model information. This ongoing training benefits our Prestige yacht buyers in many ways. You can rest assured that your Galati sales professional understands the product, performance, and build process. Our Prestige Specialists can help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or pre-owned Prestige Yacht, our Galati Specialists will be able to help you find the boat of your dreams.

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