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Hargrave Custom Yachts For Sale

Hargrave Custom Yachts For Sale

New & Pre-Owned Hargrave Custom Yachts For Sale

Take a look at our available brokerage inventory of Hargrave Custom Yachts for sale, including the 2006 Hargrave 105 Motor Yacht EXIT STRATEGY, 2010 Hargrave 101 Motor Yacht LIMITLESS, and new models including the 2020 Hargrave G120 Galati Signature Series, 126’ 2022 Hargrave Coupe, and all-new 120 Hargrave motor yacht. Learn more about the Hargrave brand and what makes these superyachts unique.


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Custom Hargrave Yachts

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The pursuit to build ground-breaking luxurious custom yachts never stops at Hargrave; an ongoing journey since 1997, when the Florida-based company began building these extraordinary custom yachts for the demanding buyer. Once known as the top American yacht design organization under the legendary Jack Hargrave, the Hargrave name is now recognized as one of the top brand names in the mid-sized luxury yacht market.

Today Hargrave builds yachts in the 80’ to 190’ range. Constructed from quality materials such as fiberglass, steel, and aluminum; averaging eight to ten yachts under construction at one time. To date, Hargrave Custom Yachts has delivered over 100 projects valued at over $400 million.


Customer First Approach

customized iconThe quest for “more” never stops at Hargrave according to Mike Dicondina; Hargrave Yachts president who has been with the company for over twenty years. He is responsible for all aspects of the company including design, engineering, sales, and service. One thing they have nailed down for sure is adaptation.

The company continues to embrace changing times and technological advances to create textbook examples of what owners want in motor yachts today. Michael Joyce, CEO of Hargrave Yachts, said it best when he stated, “Today, demanding buyers customize everything they purchase in life. The computer industry builds computers to order, based on each individual customer’s specifications, heck, even hamburgers are now made to order… so why not yachts? Some people know exactly what they want and that’s why we’re here.”

Moreover, Hargrave owners can appreciate the organization of finances on new yacht projects. It’s not exactly “Buy Now – Pay Later” but it might as well be. Hargrave takes an initial deposit when they start laminating your boat, then one stage payment when the engines arrive at the yard, and then the bulk of the money is paid when your yacht is completed. Buying a large yacht requires some major shifts in your finances and this allows plenty of time to handle those details without being under any pressure. It also gives you plenty of time to sell your current boat for retail dollars.

Key Components

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We can all agree that space, speed, efficiency, and comfortable accommodations are of the utmost importance in yachts of this class; and these key areas are at the core of Hargrave Custom Yachts building process. In today’s luxury yacht market design has become a critical purchasing aspect for someone looking to buy a yacht of this stature. State-of-the-art design concepts with open interior layouts are highly sought after with high-end accommodations for long-distance travel that offer the latest comfort and style.

Our three Hargrave Custom Yachts for sale all feature open space layouts with incomparable comfort. Hargrave’s interior designs are optimized to ensure every inch of space is maximized, for a larger than expected feel. The stunning interior designs on these three yachts are courtesy of Yacht Interiors by Shelley. A cohesive team based in Fort Lauderdale. Shelley’s main goal is to make every yacht project unique and enjoyable from conception to completion by offering complete interior design services.

For owners who travel thousands of miles each year, stability is a critical requirement. This is precisely why every Hargrave is designed to meet the strict I.M.O. Offshore Stability Requirements. Plus, with cruise speeds in the 20-knot range, you’ll be able to travel long distances in a shorter amount of time in comparison to other yachts of this class. With reliable engines, long-range fuel tanks, and stellar cruising speeds, Hargrave Custom Yachts is ideal for any cruising or charter venture.


Hargrave Custom Yachts G120 | Galati Signature Series

G120Hargrave Custom Yachts has exclusively teamed up with Galati Yacht Sales to create a new series of yachts designed entirely with the customer in mind; the Hargrave Yachts G120 Galati Signature Series is a yacht with exceptional speed and handling, long-range efficiency, and amazing use of interior space.

Hargrave Yachts G120 is a one-of-a-kind motor yacht with five staterooms and a seven-head configuration. What makes this yacht so special? The team at Hargrave and Galati Yachts worked alongside knowledgeable yacht owners to create an extraordinary yacht that combines long-range efficiency with voluminous accommodations. The popular raised pilothouse design includes two VIP cabins, a day head on the flybridge deck, and beautiful interior arrangements. She also spares no detail when it comes to opening up interior spaces and natural lighting. Every area on this yacht is optimized to accommodate 10 or more in complete comfort.

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Full Country Kitchen & Five Staterooms

Rarely seen on a yacht her size is a full country kitchen and five staterooms…yes five! No longer do you have to give up an on-deck country kitchen for an additional fifth stateroom; the G120 Signature Series offers them both. The galley is extremely well equipped and both the chef and yacht manager spent hours going over every detail. In addition to the owner and guest comforts, the crew accommodations are at the same level. With dual access, a mini galley, a large settee with flat-screen TV, 8’ work area, lots of storage, and a deluxe captain’s suite, keeping the crew happy will not be a problem on this yacht.


Light & Bright Interior Spaces

The G120 maximizes natural light throughout and follows suit with wide-open spaces on-board. Even on the lower cabin deck the large hull side windows on this yacht open the interior spaces and provide abundant amounts of natural light, allowing guests to enjoy full views of the surrounding scenery. The G120 also features stunning interior designs by Yacht Interiors by Shelley. A calming interior of aqua, blue, and platinum’s with specialty silver eucalyptus and satin-finished walnut woods. Throughout the yacht, you’ll also notice the outstanding wood inlays and beautiful stonework.


Speed, Handling & Long Range Efficiency Equipped

Combined with Jack Sarin’s semi-displacement hull design and the hi-torque, quiet power of the MTU 16-cylinder diesel, the G120 is rated at 2,185 horsepower with a top speed of 25-knots.

During the build process for the G120 Signature Series, long-range efficiency was critical for those looking to travel long distances throughout the US and the Caribbean cruising grounds. With 7000 gallons of fuel, this yacht has a best-in-class range. Contact Carmine Galati Jr or Michael C Galati for more information.


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New Hargrave Custom Models Available For Sale

126 Hargrave Custom Yacht

Busy is an understatement for Hargrave, as they have launched more new models in the past 36 months than at any time in their history. Some of their most recent work includes the 126′ 2022 Hargrave Coupe. This striking motor yacht features six staterooms with an on deck master. Also, the new 120′ Hargrave has just left the KSE shipyard in Taiwan for Fort Lauderdale and ready for thrilling adventures. If you have been thinking of buying the perfect yacht for you and your family now is a great time to talk to Hargrave. They have some of the highest reorder rates in the market segment because they deliver a custom-designed yacht for the price of a production yacht and back it up with the service and support you can only get from a family-run business. Learn more about Hargrave Yachts below.

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