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Bewitching Halloween Yacht Party Themes

Bewitching Halloween Yacht Party Themes

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than a party with all your closest pals on a boat? But first, every good Halloween party has a creative theme that sets the mood for its guests. Additionally, a Halloween party on a yacht, or a boat of any size, requires a decent amount of preparation and planning. Below are our top 5 Halloween yacht party theme picks to help you brainstorm.

1. Pirate Theme


Ahoy! All aboard the SSR Spooky. This one seems like the most obvious choice that’s hidden in plain sight. I mean, if you’re already on a boat, why not take on the role of a pirate for the evening? (Bonus Points: Pirates of the Caribbean themed costumes)

2. Time Travel Through the Decades Theme


You can go as a flapper or gangster from the ’20s, a famous figure of the ’30s like Charlie Chaplin, or as a hip hop figure from the ’90s. If all else fails, at least you know you’ll have a rockin’ playlist to jam out to!

3. Murder Mystery Theme


Everyone loves to solve a good mystery. Not to mention, this involves collaboration and would be a great ice-breaker for the group! This theme involves a bit more planning than the rest, for you’ll have to assign each guest their role beforehand.

4. Hallo-Wine Tasting Theme


What’s better than some hors d’oeuvres and different kinds of wine? A wine tasting party is the perfect blend between relaxed and classy. It also takes away the pressure of a theme, but allows your guests to dress in whatever costume their heart desires. Cheers to that!

5. Wild West Theme


Either giddy up or giddy out! Who said Halloween has to be scary? A wild west theme is the perfect match for those who want to celebrate Halloween by dressing up, but aren’t into the spooky side of things.

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