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Garmin Surround View Featured Aboard the Y72 Princess

Garmin Surround View Featured Aboard the Y72 Princess

Princess Y72

At the Miami Boat Show, Princess Yachts was given the opportunity to showcase the recently released Garmin Surround View Camera system aboard the Y72 motor yacht. Nothing but good feedback came from customers who got to experience the latest technology first-hand. In light of this, Princess Yachts America is presenting this option to customers with boats currently in build and for future orders (subject to availability). For owner/operators, the Garmin 360 degree camera system undoubtedly offers peace of mind visibility when trying to guide and dock your vessel.

What is the Garmin Surround View System?


The new release by Garmin takes situational awareness onboard to a whole new level. The Surround View Camera System takes blind spots out of the picture to help operators dock with ease or maneuver in tight confines. The system provides a live bird’s-eye view video plus 360-degree helm visibility from a factory-installed six-camera array that is “stitched” into a seamless wraparound view. Plus, the in-hull camera design will not compromise the sleek design features of your yacht.

Additional features include Garmin’s Visual Bumpers and distance-marker. Operators can define the Visual Bumper widths, and the system will provide a graphical reference — overlaid atop the video feed — depicting water and non-water objects. Distance markers give operators a precise illustrated reference to help maintain safe clearance and separation. Users can view both features separately or together.

In addition, the 360-degree video feed integrates with compatible Garmin chartplotters or MFD helm displays, and users can view single-camera feeds and pan and zoom within them. The system is low maintenance, and camera re-equip is simple with external replacement.

How does the Garmin 360-Degree Camera Visibility Work?

Surround View consists of six Garmin-built, color 1080p daylight video cameras that are daisy-chained together and connected to the processor, which is networked to a Garmin multifunction display running the company’s Surround View app. The camera array consists of a single forward-looking camera, dual cameras on each board, and a single aft-facing camera. The forward-looking camera is bow-mounted, the four side-mounted cameras are through-hull secured, and the 180-degree stern-facing camera is placed up high. Surround View is currently only an OEM option, but it can work aboard any yacht up to 80 feet.

Garmin Surround View Camera System

Does the Garmin Surround View System Integrate with other Boat Systems?

The camera system can integrate with other third-party docking technologies, and eventually, Garmin plans to upgrade the system’s capabilities. Currently, Surround View is a visual-only system, but future updates could include types of alarms, live recording features, and more. Garmin’s 360-camera system already integrates with Volvo Penta’s Assisted Docking system. “If you pair Surround View with Volvo’s Assisted Docking, that’s a pretty powerful one-two punch,” said Dave Dunn, Garmin’s senior director of marine sales. “It’s safe to assume that we’re going to work with other engine manufacturers to do something similar.”

Manufacturers Offering Garmin’s Surround View Option Onboard

The Garmin Surround View is currently available for select new builds including Princess Yachts America and Prestige Yachts. Customers can expect the list of manufacturers to grow quickly and extensively. Learn more about the Garmin 360 Camera System at

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