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Galati Yacht Sales Customer Support | New Yacht Purchase

Galati Yacht Sales Customer Support | New Yacht Purchase

Galati Yacht Sales Red Carpet Delivery

The Galati Difference is a term we use to describe the level of service that we believe each and every one of our clients deserves. The truth is that the only difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Galati Yacht Sales’ customer support value comes from providing our clients with the best support on the Gulf Coast and beyond. When you purchase a new yacht from Galati Yacht Sales and take delivery from our marina, you get a delivery unlike you would anywhere else.



One of the most beneficial aspects of Galati Yacht Sale’s customer support services is when you make a new yacht purchase. We provide an orientation to each new owner (if desired). Upon delivery, a captain orientation will take place walking you through all of the systems on the yacht. Including electronics and engine orientation. The captain will ensure you have been shown every system to know the best practices for operation. Also, if your new boat is going to be staying locally, we will make sure it is properly and safely secured to your home dock (if desired).
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Set for Cruising 

With Galati’s premium delivery service your new yacht gets delivered ready and set to go cruising the same day. Our customer support team ensures the vessel has a full tank of fuel (standard) upon delivery with all services and systems ready to go. Also, safety is of the utmost importance to us. We will also be sure that your new boat is equipped with official US Coast Guard approved safety equipment.


clean boatDelivered in Pristine Condition

Galati Yacht Sales customer support team also ensures your new yacht is in pristine condition upon delivery. She will be clean and shiny from bow to stern including assuring your hull bottom and running gear is in superb condition.


Name Your Yacht

When you purchase a new yacht from GYS you also receive a free standard vinyl name and hail port. This is chosen by you and approved by the US Coast Guard. You will also receive a thank you gift as we do truly appreciate your business, as well as the confidence that you have placed in our company.


Galati Yacht Sales Customer Support— Your Single Source Solution to All of Your Boating Needs

Now that you are on your way to many great times on the water with your family and friends, we are always here for you. When a service issue arises, we are here. We take great pride and invest heavily in the ability to support all of our customers in all aspects of yacht ownership including after the sale. The Galati Yacht Sales service team is solely dedicated to our Galati customers and the boats that we sell. Our entire company strives each and every day to continually exceed your exceptions, before, during, and after the sale.


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