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  • Team Galati 2021 Highlights

    Galati Yacht Sales 2021 Highlights

    By: | Date: December 27, 2021

    Team Galati Highlights of 2021

    We want to thank our team and awesome customers for a successful 2021. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and adaptation to deliver the best service possible, whether buying or selling. As always, we continue to remain committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. Check out a few highlights of 2021 for Team Galati.

    Summary: 2021 Highlights

    • 100 New Boats Delivered
      • All with the red carpet treatment
    • If you lined up all the boats we sold, it would equal 102 football fields
      • Go Bucs!
    • Launched Yacht Shopper
      • With more than 3500 saved searches
    • We sponsored 20 sportfishing tournaments
    • Team Galati Named 2-Time Grand Champions of Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown
      • Aboard the Viking 58
    • Over 15k hours of video watch time on YouTube alone.
    • Opened new locations on the West Coast
      • With office locations in California and Washington
    • Sold 11 yachts over 100’
    • Added more than 600 customers to the “Galati Family”

    Since 1970, the Galati name has stood for integrity and innovation. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales and customer support teams are unparalleled in the yachting industry and have catapulted us to become a leading dealership worldwide. Contact us today to get started on your yachting journey.

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