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CPYB Chairman’s Award Honors Carmine Galati For 2019

CPYB Chairman’s Award Honors Carmine Galati For 2019

CPYB Chairman’s Award Honors Carmine Galati For 2019

The Certified Professional Yacht Broker program (CPYB) has been in existence for 20 years and serves as the performance standard for the maritime industry and yacht sales professionals throughout North America. The Certification Advisory Council, which oversees the CPYB program, has awarded the 2019 Chairman’s Award to Carmine Galati. Chairman of the CPYB program Staley Weidman said, “This award represents the highest level of commitment to truly elevating the professionalism of the yacht brokerage industry. Carmine sets a fine example of how breaking paradigms of the typical yacht brokerage-house format benefits the buying public and any member of the industry doing business with his firm.”


About The CPYB Certification

The CPYB certification is a mark of excellence for yacht brokers throughout the U.S and is one of the industry’s most prestigious awards. The key performance skills and knowledge required to be a CPYB is extensive. The challenging exam consists of over 150 questions, serving as the objective measurement of the applicant’s knowledge. GYS has had more yacht brokers become certified in the last two years than any other firm in North America.


Carmine Galati’s Dedication to the Maritime Industry | CPYB Chairman’s Award

In response to the honorable award, Carmine Galati states, “It has always been a passion and strong belief of mine that in order to succeed and grow we must embrace continuous improvement. In addition to knowledge, professionalism, morals, and ethics. The CPYB program gives us the platform to both test and inspire these principals in our sales team. We require the certification for all our sales teams.”

Carmine Galati is actively involved in the day-to-day operations at GYS. He also serves on the IYBA Board of Directors and is active in multiple committees throughout the industry. In addition, Carmine supports several charitable organizations, some of which include the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Billfish Foundation, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Even with a full plate, he continues to take the time to advance the industry any chance he gets, while also serving as a sales mentor— promoting education, training, and product knowledge, not only at Galati Yacht Sales but throughout the industry.

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