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Costa Rican Offshore Experience – Honoring Our Veterans

Costa Rican Offshore Experience – Honoring Our Veterans

Freedom Alliance Offshore Experience

Honoring our military veterans is a small token of appreciation compared to their commitment, sacrifice, and dedication to our country. Very few understand this better than the Freedom Alliance. This incredible organization aims to heal the wounds of war by integrating recreational therapy, in the form of offshore fishing, with rehabilitative workshops designed to promote lasting well-being — also known as the Freedom Alliance Offshore Experience.


OHANA 68 Viking Hosts Three Veterans Onboard For a Day of Epic Fishing

We are grateful for Galati customers and our team willing to donate time and essentials to make these workshops a reality. Recently, Galati customer Ed Burr donated the Ohana — 2021 68 Viking Yacht — to Freedom Alliance to take three Veterans for a day of fishing out of the beautiful Los Sueños, Costa Rica. John Lagrone, Galati yacht broker at our Costa Rica yacht brokerage, was honored to be a part of this memorable experience and share first-hand their adventures onboard.


Narrative by John Lagrone:

“We learned that all three Veterans were deployed many times to the War in Iraq and Afganistán. Hank “Doc”, Matt, and Dan all retired from the Navy and Marines after serving 20 + years of service to our great nation. Their Bios are just a piece of their personal history.

The group left the Los Sueños Marina at 07 hundred to run offshore to enjoy some of the great fishing in Costa Rica. We began the day by catching a few and losing a few Yellowfin Tunas around a massive Spinner Dolphin school. Afterward, we deployed our typical trolling spread for Billfish and Dorados.

We raised a small Blue Marlin after a half hour with no bite. Some other boats had found a small crate loaded with bait and Dorados or Mahi Mahi! The group caught 2 Dorados when the Teaser exploded with a 200 pound Blue Marlin. We pitched our Small Marlin bait, and we were on for a 45 minute battle with Doc releasing his first-ever Blue Marlin.

three veterans onboard Viking Yacht

We caught and jumped off a few more Dorados before a Blue Marlin got tangled in our Teaser and started to jump inside our spread. This Blue Marlin fired in on the flat line Ballyhoo, and the fight was on.

Matt got a nice release after 20 minutes and his first-ever Blue Marlin as well. We ended the day with 2 Blue Marlins, 5 Yellowfins, and 3 Dorados.

We are very thankful to Ed Burr and his kind donation and the Freedom Alliance for their continued support of our war veterans.

From the Crew of the Ohana and our GYS Costa Rican team, we thank all our Veterans for their service!”


Help Make An Impact — Freedom Alliance Offshore Experience

This holiday season, learn how you can help make an impact on our Military Veterans. Visit the link below to learn more about the Freedom Alliance organization.

Offshore Experience


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Photography provided by Mr. Pepper Ailor of the Freedom Alliance