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How Much to Charter a Yacht?

How Much to Charter a Yacht?

How Much to Charter a Yacht

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With private, low interaction vacations sounding more appealing than ever, you may be wondering just how much it costs to rent a private yacht charter for a few days or a week. Like any travel vacation, the cost will vary depending on your style of luxury. With a private yacht charter, costs will vary based on the yacht you book— its size, age, design, etc.— the destination, your trip duration, water toys, and other details. Also, yacht charters that are booked locally will cost less than destination trips to locations such as the Caribbean or Galapagos Islands. The bottom line, private yacht charters can be as affordable or expensive as you prefer.

What Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht?

To give you an example of yacht charter prices, here is a breakdown of how pricing typically works: 

Your Expense: Advertised Charter Rate + Running Expenses + Sales Tax + Gratuity

  • Running expenses usually include the advanced provisioning allowance (APA). An account for the captain to purchase fuel, dockage, provisions, and other consumables on your behalf. This rate is typically estimated at 30-35% of the base charter fee. Generally, any amount not used will be refunded at the end of a charter.

  • Sales tax will apply based on the county embarkation. For example, Florida sales tax will be anywhere from 6-7.5%.

  • Gratuity is customary at the end of the charter and is at your discretion. 15-20% of the base charter fee is typical for most yacht charters.

**Note: As applicable, a delivery fee payable to the Captain or owner before the yacht charter may apply; only if the location of the yacht is in a port other than the home base for a particular charter.

Example: Pricing Breakdown

To give you a complete rundown, here is an example of costs associated with a charter yacht vacation: 

  • Example: $100,000/advertised charter rate per week + $35,000 (35% APA) + $7,000 (7% Florida Sales Tax) = $142,000 + 20% Gratuity 

  • $142,000 + $20,000 (20% gratuity of advertised charter rate) = $162,000

**Note: Example pricing is USA specific.

Our Charter Fleet

Galati Yacht Sales’ charter program offers weekly and daily rentals for up to 10-12 people in a luxury private yacht where you can create lasting memories with family and friends. Our private yacht charters start at $3000 a day and go up to $21000 for a weekly rental. The best part about a yacht charter is you customize the agenda to best fit your wants and needs. Additional pricing measures for our private yacht charter program includes: (example pricing for 75’ Princess Yacht)
Now or Never Charter Yacht


  • $4000 for the day (8 hours)
  • 21K for the week
  • $2500 for a half-day (4 hours)
  • $1800 for a sunset cruise (1.5 hours)


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