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Congratulatory Proclamation Awarded to Carmine Galati Sr.

Congratulatory Proclamation Awarded to Carmine Galati Sr.

Florida DBPR Issues Proclamation to Galati Yacht Sales’ Carmine Galati Sr.

Melanie Griffin, Secretary of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), under Governor DeSantis, awarded Carmine Galati Senior a congratulatory Proclamation for yacht sales on Friday, September 16, 2022. The official document issued by Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledges the career of Carmine Galati Sr. and the tremendous achievements of building a successful business that embodies the value of family and “All-Star Customer Treatment.” 

What is a proclamation?

A proclamation is an official document or declaration issued by federal officials, governors, state legislators, mayors, or other government officials at the local level to recognize an initiative or observance; for the purpose of raising awareness or celebrating milestones. Secretary Melanie Griffin regularly presents Proclamations to preeminent DBPR licensees across the sunshine state.

The Official Declaration States:

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. of Anna Maria, Florida, has served as a Yacht & Ship Salesperson for 27 Years and Yacht Broker for 23 years; and

WHEREAS, Anna Maria and Michael Galati Sr., the parents of Carmine Galati, Sr., serendipitously found a business opportunity at a tornado-stricken marina in Anna Maria, Florida after two years of searching, launching what would become the family business; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. and his family became known for their star treatment of customers, which caught the eye of Viking Yachts, who offered the Galati’s the opportunity to take over their sales for their region in Florida. Thus Galati Yacht Sales was created; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. took on his first management role with the company in 1980, while he was simultaneously a master technician for Detroit Diesel and a certified technician for OMC, Volvo, and several outboard motor manufacturers; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. now manages sales and runs public relations for Galati Yacht Sales, while his other four siblings plug into positions in the company that allow them to also use their unique gifts and talents; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. and Galati Yacht Sales has earned the number one national ranking multiple times for best practices, attracting international clientele, as well as customers from across the United States. They currently have 15 locations throughout the country, Costa Rica and Mexico, making it one of the largest privately held yacht dealerships in the world; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. is an advocate of educational initiatives such as the Yacht Broker Institute (YBI) and the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program; and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr. is an avid angler and the 44th Masters Angling Tournament Champion in Costa Rica (2017); and

WHEREAS, Carmine Galati, Sr.’s favorite destinations include Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and the Gulf of Mexico, and his favorite species to catch are sailfish and marlin; and

WHEREAS, when Carmine Galati, Sr: was asked about the third generation of Galati’s coming into the business, he replied, “We have begun to step aside in some areas to allow for the next generation to spread their wings. They often visualize things differently than my generation, and it really is eye-opening to see it from a new perspective. They are the future.”;

NOW, THEREFORE, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation hereby recognizes Carmine Galati, Sr. for his outstanding achievements throughout 27 years of service as a Yacht & Ship Salesperson and 23 years as a Yacht Broker for the great state of Florida.

About Galati Yacht Sales

What started as one man’s dream and a family with the fortitude and dedication to make it a reality is now home to Galati Yacht Sales, one of the largest, privately-held dealerships in the world. Our customer-centric new and pre-owned boat dealership offers over 50 years of experience, 15 locations throughout the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica, and 200+ yachting professionals dedicated to exceeding customer expectations — before, during, and after the sale — whether buying or selling. Since 1970, we have been family-owned and operated and are one of only seven firms inducted into the Boating Industry’s Top 100 Hall of Fame.

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