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Buying a New Yacht in Today’s Market – Industry Trends

Buying a New Yacht in Today’s Market – Industry Trends

We sat down with certified sales professional Jim Nelson to chat about current marine industry trends and what boat buyers are facing today. One point in question is the time frame of delivery when buying a new yacht. Check out the video below to hear what Jim had to say about the trend — and what we do to overcome the subject at hand.

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Buying a Boat – Yacht Broker Jim Nelson

Buying a New Yacht in Today’s Market

The marine industry is seeing a unique situation when purchasing a yacht today. In the past, customers would visit a boat show or dealership, find a boat they liked, and purchase it. We would then have the boat ready for delivery within a few weeks.

Now customers are dealing with lengthy factory wait times, and we’re telling them that their boat will be complete — not in two weeks — but instead, two years. As you can imagine, this creates concern. So, how do we overcome this matter with yacht owners?

Creating value in the yacht buying process

Jim and our team of yacht brokers adapt easily to industry trends and overcome the matter at question by creating unmatched value for our customers. Buying a yacht now versus two years down the road is a great value alone, and comes as no shock since prices continue to skyrocket in all business segments. Most consumers in the market for a boat have done very well for themselves. Many own their own business and understand this concept, so the value is there, and it is not a hard sell.

We can really showcase value once the deal is negotiated, the deposit received, and we have a proposed delivery date. We can then go through the process, step-by-step of building their boat, which truly creates excitement for yacht owners — everything from choosing woods, flooring, colors, pillows, and all the different options offered nowadays. We not only help them with the comprehensive selections, but we also follow up and keep them updated at regular intervals on the status of their build.

Depending on the situation, we also seize opportunities that allow boat buyers to physically see their boat getting built, whether that be at the Prestige factory in France or the Viking factory in New Jersey. Suddenly those two years go by really quickly — and before you know it, we are delivering the boat.

Creating value in the boat-building process and keeping boat buyers excited is key when buying a new yacht in today’s market, and there is no one better to offer that experience than the team at Galati Yacht Sales.

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Experience the Galati Difference – New & Used Yacht Sales

What is the Galati Difference? It’s our philosophy and commitment to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, before during, and after the sale. These aren’t just words for us, but part of our DNA. It’s a philosophy that starts at the top and runs right down to every one of our team members.

Over 50 years in business, fifteen locations, three generations, and 200+ industry professionals later, we have not wavered from our unmatched level of customer service. We strive to give you the best possible boating experience, whether you’re buying or selling a boat. This way, you can enjoy a safe and fun time on the water with your loved ones.  Contact us today to get started on your journey.