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Best Yacht Toys For Onboard Enjoyment

Best Yacht Toys For Onboard Enjoyment

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With so many unique water toys on the market today, yacht owners have endless options for optimum enjoyment while out at sea. From exploring the ocean floor to riding waves at adrenaline-charged speeds, these yacht toys will have everyone coming back for more. With so many great options to choose from, we have created a list of the top ten yacht toys to keep onboard. 

Blu3 Nemo Diving Device – Watersport Activity

NEMO diving device

Gone are the days where heavy-duty scuba gear is needed to explore the ocean floor, presenting Blue 3 Nemox, a small compact dive system that supports divers up to 10 feet for over one hour of dive time. The Nemo device is completely tankless and perfect for shallow-water diving. It features a rechargeable lithium battery and weighs less than 10 pounds. The Nemo device is the perfect yachting toy for adventure seekers looking to explore the ocean floor without the hassle of scuba gear. Learn more here.

Lift eFoil Surfer – Luxury Yacht Toys

Lift eFoil Surfer

For all the thrill-seekers out there, this yacht toy is for you. Experience surfing’s newest frontier with the Lift eFoil personal watercraft. Now you can fly over water at speeds up to 25 mph and over 1-hour ride time. Unlike traditional electric and gas-powered boards that float on water, the eFoil surfer turns the experience up a notch by allowing you to surf above the water. These boards weigh between thirty-five and sixty-five pounds and are controlled by a wireless Bluetooth remote. Learn more here.

Red Shark Bike Board – Best Yacht Toys

Red Shark Bike Board

Calling all fitness enthusiasts, experience a new way to get your workout in. The Red Shark inflatable bike allows you to pedal along the water’s surface for a new way to explore the waterways and stay fit at the same time. The floatable bike is functional, easy to transport, low maintenance, and offers maximum stability while on the water. This inflatable bike can also be shared simultaneously, making it the perfect toy for families, couples, or even pets. Whether you enjoy exercising or recreational watersports, this bike offers it all. Learn more here.

Aquaglide Sports Park

Aquaglide Sports Park

Aquaglide offers endless possibilities with yacht-focused inflatable watersport products for endless fun in the sun. Choose from a variety of freefall yacht slides, landing pad, bouncing dome, ocean pools, and even an escalade yacht wall. Aquaglide products are perfect for families, athletes, and yacht charters. Build your aqua park here to make your time on the water more exciting.

Orca Electric Personal Watercraft

Orca Electric Personal Watercraft

There is a new personal watercraft on the market that offers no fuel consumption, no engine maintenance, and up to 2 hours of ride time— introducing the Orca Electric PWC. This wave runner features solid performance standards, precision control, agility, and an all-in-one data center with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. Designed from the water up, the Orca models redefine the watercraft experience with silent operation, leading power to weight, hassle-free ownership, intelligent connectivity, and competitive pricing. Learn more here.

The Seabob Jet-Powered Water Sportscraft

The Seabob Jet-Powered Water Sportscraft

Have you always wanted to explore the depths of the ocean? Well, now you can, with the Seabob watercraft. The Seabob allows users to dive into the underwater world with a jet-powered water sports vehicle that can reach depths of up to 130 feet. SEABOB-Jet is the absolute example of state-of-the-art technology. The pilot steers the water sports craft via two intelligent Control grips with Piezo technology. Now you can glide through the water like a fish, freely, both on the surface and below. Learn more here.

Triton Submarines – Best Yachting Toys

Triton Submarines

Experience all that the ocean has to offer in a luxury submarine. Triton constructs submersibles for the most discerning and demanding individuals. Their submarine products present exceptional visibility, dependability, simplistic ownership, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Triton’s partnership with Aston Martin has helped them achieve a level of interior artistry and material finish that is simply unmatched. With every ocean dived, dozens of records set, and multiple firsts, this submarine is necessary to have on any luxury yacht getaway. Learn more here.

Jetlev Flyer Pack – Best Watersport Equipment

Jetlev Flyer Pack

Soar above the ocean surface with Jetlev’s Flyer Packs. These personal flying machines combine powerful engines and unique designs with water-nozzle repulsion force to achieve stable, controlled flights. These easy-to-operate machines allow you to take-off the water’s surface, soar along the horizon, hover land, and dive into the ocean. Soar up to 30 feet and experience a three-dimensional experience like never before. Once comfortable, you can fly and travel in any direction, height, and speed. See what it is all about here.

Quadski Amphibian Sports Vehicle – Luxury Yacht Toys

Quadski Amphibian Sports Vehicle

This yachting toy is a must-have for adventure seekers looking to explore land and water, introducing Gibbs Sports Amphibian Quadskis. This high-speed vehicle redefines the idea of freedom, flexibility, and fun. Gone are the days where you have to choose between land and water adventures. With the flip of a switch, the Quadski Amphibian retracts its wheels upon entering the water and deploys them when approaching land. Additionally, it is capable of reaching speeds up to 45 mph, in water, and on the ground. Learn more about this groundbreaking sports amphibian here.

Jetsurf DFI Surf Board – Luxury Watersport Toys

Jetsurf DFI Surf Board

For those that love to surf or have a passion for watersports, the Jetsurf Adventure DFI is the perfect yachting toy to keep onboard. Jetsurf is a carbon fiber motorized surfboard reaching speeds up to 37 mph and weighing only 33 lbs. No waves are needed for this personal watercraft. The Jetsurf board is controlled by your body movement and by the throttle handle in your hand. There is no doubt this board will leave you craving more. Click here to learn more about the Jetsurf products.

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