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90 Viking Build Update – Gelcoat Application

90 Viking Build Update – Gelcoat Application

Hull No.1 Gelcoat Application – Viking 90 Convertible Build

Viking 90 Gelcoat application

Viking continues the much-anticipated build process of the 90 Convertible, where a new milestone has recently been completed — the application of the Gelcoat. A five-man team in Viking’s fiberglass department carefully orchestrated the task for hull No.1, which will feature a Kingston Grey Gelcoat.

What is Gelcoat?

Gelcoat is the outer surface of the fiberglass hull consisting of a special pigmented resin that provides a smooth, shiny, and durable surface. It also provides color to the hull while protecting it from water intrusion and ultraviolet light. Viking Yachts gives owners the option of choosing between 16 different Gelcoat colors from Nardo Gray to the classic Stars and Stripes Blue color.

How does the Gelcoat process work on a yacht? 

The Gelcoat process begins with the preparation of the mold, a six-day process at Viking from cleaning, sealing and waxing the surfaces five times to ensure that it is absolutely perfect and ready for the Gelcoat. Molds for boats can be reused several times before any maintenance is needed, which is very convenient in boat building. 

Viking 90 Gelcoat application

Once the prep work is complete, the Gelcoat is applied. For the 90C, it takes about five hours to complete. It first must be sprayed onto the mold surface at just the right thickness. Luckily, the Gelcoat specialists at Viking have multiple years of experience and have perfected the application.

Two shipwrights spray the Gelcoat while two others manage the hose and other parts of the applicator system, making sure the sprayer is always comfortable. They must also carefully hold the hose away from the surfaces being sprayed to avoid any contamination. A fixture that carries the mold rotates for optimum spraying angles.

The Clear Coat – 90 Viking Build Update

After the Gelcoat application, a hybrid clear-vinylester Gelcoat is then used on the bottom portion of the hull, providing a barrier coat of protection, also known as the clear coat. The clear coat is essential later on in the build to allow for the inspection of the resin infusion process.

Build Efficiency – 90 Viking Update

Viking 90 Gelcoat application

All of this is complete in the early hours of the morning, from 12 AM to 6 AM. The Viking crew does this for two reasons: the first being that there is no other boatbuilding going on, minimizing the chance of contamination. Second, this schedule helps the build efficiency because the Gelcoat is cured by 6 AM, allowing the morning crew to begin the following stages of the manufacturing process.

Stay tuned for additional build updates on the 90 Viking, which will make its world premiere at the 2023 Miami International Boat Show in February.

Viking Yacht Specialists

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