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55 Valhalla Center Console Quick Facts

55 Valhalla Center Console Quick Facts

Valhalla Boatworks is leading the charge and setting a new standard in the center console world with the all-new V-55. The accumulation of engineering achievements, unique design traits, build specifications, next-level equipment, and a plethora of accessories mesh together to make Valhalla Boatworks V-55 the ultimate center console on the market over 50 feet. Check out 15 fast facts that separate Valhalla center consoles from the rest.

15 Facts About Valhalla Boatworks V-55 Center Console

1. The Valhalla V-55 is built by the Viking Yacht Company: the world’s number 1 semi-custom boat manufacturer, established in 1964 with an unwavering commitment to building a better boat every day.
2. Vertically Integrated: Palm Beach Towers gap towers, Atlantic Marine Electronics customized installations and engineered for Omni sonar.
3. Biggest center console that utilizes the ground-breaking Michael Peters Yacht Design Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel.
4. Widest beam at 15′ 6″ from 50-60 feet
5. Five fuel tanks with 1,200-gallon capacity, the highest standard capacity from 50-60 feet.
6. The V-55 has an electrically operated fuel management system.
7. The 55 Valhalla has the largest standard generator output from 55-60 feet at 15 kW.
8. This center console boat is all about comfort, equipped with a  Seakeeper 9 (largest from 55-60 feet).
9. Valhalla Boatworks V-55 features seating layouts that maximize cruise-and-fish versatility.
10. The V-55 Valhalla showcases intrinsic yacht qualities with a private stateroom with a head and separate shower. She also highlights a feature-rich galley with a horizontal-grain walnut interior.
11. The machinery room has a designated protected area for mechanical and electrical components, akin to the Viking engine room.
12. Unmatched Power: Designed and engineered from the onset to be powered with four or five Mercury 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verados; cutting-edge outboard technology.
13. The Valhalla Boatworks V-55 offers the best helm visibility and ergonomics.
14. Displays two standard dive doors, port and starboard
15. Quality Construction: hull manufactured with fiberglass and carbon fiber/E-glass hybrid fabrics for optimal
strength and weight savings. Only the industry-best fit & finish for Valhalla Center Consoles.

Exclusive Valhalla Boatworks Dealer – Galati Yacht Sales

Valhalla Boatworks fleet

Galati Yacht Sales is the exclusive dealer for Valhalla Boatworks on the Gulf Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Pacific Coast. When it comes to the Viking and Valhalla brand, we don’t just sell the boats — we live the lifestyle. Our Valhalla Specialists not only have an exponential amount of experience with both brands, but many also captain, own, and fish from them. With this type of hands-on experience, there is no one better to help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs. No one knows sportfishing and the lifestyle like Galati Yacht Sales.

When considering the purchase of a new Valhalla center console, regardless of whether you plan to fish, cruise, or use it as a hardcore tender, we can walk you through all the options to get you out on the water faster. Contact a Valhalla Specialist for more information on these unmatched center console boats (833) 701-0954.

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