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    Viking Key West Challenge

    4th Annual viking Key West Challenge

    Every April forty Vikings make their way to Key West for a long weekend of fishing and fun at the Annual Viking Key West Challenge. This event is more than just fishing it is about having a good time in one of the best places in the world! We were pleased to have 13 customers participate in the event this year.

    Boats arrive on Wednesday and enjoy a festive captain’s meeting before heading out for day 1 of fishing on Thursday.

    Day 1

    Day 1 of fishing saw great action with a total of 116 Sailfish releases! Our friends aboard the 62 Viking, MDALA, finished the day in first place with 12 Sailfish releases. Man-e-war and Manna Ray were not far behind with 9 and 8 sails. At 3pm it was lines out and the fleet headed back to the docks to weigh their meat fish. Many boats brought dolphin, tuna, kingfish, wahoo, and cobia to the scales. That evening crews put on their best pirate attire for the “Walk the Plank” dinner.

    Day 2

    Day 2 of the Viking Key West Challenge is meant for enjoying Key West and spending time with family and friends. The day begins with a Barbeque Pool Party at Dante’s where everyone relaxes by the pool and plays corn hole. In the afternoon, guests participated in the Kids Dock Tournament or Poker Run. The kids dock tournament is a great event, where junior anglers are able to spend time perfecting their fishing skills, learning from some of the best anglers in the world. The Poker Run on the other hand takes adults through various locations on Key West in hopes of coming back with the best poker hand.

    Day 3

    Day 3 the fleet spent in search of sails, again. It was another great day fishing with 90 sailfish released for the day. Our friends on the 66 Viking, Man-e-War, had a phenomenal day catching 13 sails giving them a total of 22 sails for the tournament win for the third consecutive year! Owner, Jose Smith, Sr. took home Third Place Top Angler with eight sailfish releases on time.

    The crew aboard Man-E-War accepting their 1st Place Award.

    MDALA taking home 2nd Place

    Nicole Ely and the Crew aboard Irish Twin

    MDALA finished the tournament in Second Place with 14 sailfish and Angler Erich Pfeifer took home Top Angler with 9 sailfish releases.

    Nicole Ely on the 55 Viking Irish Twin took home Second Place Overall Angler and Top Lady Angler with eight releases.

    Get in on the fun next year and mark your calendar for the 5th Annual Viking Key West Challenge April 4 through April 8, 2018. Call your favorite marina and reserve your dockage then send an email to [email protected] for your entry.

    Angler Awards


    1. Erich Pfeifer Viking 62 MDALA 900*

    2. Nicole Ely Viking 55 Irish Twin 800*

    3. Jose Smith, Sr., Viking 66 Man-e-War 800


    1. Jon Stevens Viking 66 Ofishal Business 25.6 lbs

    2. Matt Conner Viking 55 Wanderlust 24.3 lbs

    3. Steve Pfeifer Viking 62 MDALA 21.6 lbs*


    1. Jack Sheehan Viking 70 Manna Ray 19.6 lbs*

    2. Jessie Anderson Viking 42 Miss Peggy Sue 16.6 lbs*

    3. Sue Levinson Viking 62 Sea Flame 15.1 lbs


    1. Nick Galati Viking 92 A Work of Art 38.0 lbs*

    2. Peggy Tattoli Viking 70 Pipe Dreamer 29.2 lbs

    3. Jessie Anderson Viking 42 Miss Peggy Sue 27.2 lbs*


    1.John DeSimone Viking 45 Game On 18.4 lbs


    1. Jose Ron Viking 61 In Ron We Trust 34.7 lbs

    2. Lev Mullins Viking 66 Princess Lily 25.0 lbs

    3. Mike Bossert Viking 42 Miss Peggy Sue 22.2 lbs*

    Top Angler

    1. Erich Pfeifer Viking 62 MDALA 900*

    2. Nicole Ely Viking 55 Irish Twin 800*

    3. Jose Smith, Sr., Viking 66 Man-e War-800*

    Top Lady Angler

    1. Nicole Ely Viking 55 Irish Twin 800*

    2. Lisa Leon Viking 82 Blue Time 600

    3. Deb Link Viking 72 Reel Blonde 509.4

    Top Junior Angler

    1. Matthew Vatland Viking 65 Sarah K 300

    2. Logan Young Viking 65 Sarah K 300

    3. Jacob Young Viking 65 Sarah K 300

    Team Awards (Cumulative Points)


    1. Man-e-War Viking 66 2200 *

    2. MDALA Viking 62 1400*

    3. Blue Time Viking 82 1300


    1. A Work of Art Viking 92 40.5 lbs*

    2. Raiser’s Edge Viking 72 30.8 lbs*

    3. Ofishal Business Viking 66 25.6 lbs


    1. Manna Ray Viking 70 19.6 lbs*

    2. Miss Peggy Sue Viking 42 16.6 lbs*

    3. Sea Flame 15.1 lbs


    1. A Work of Art Viking 92 62.1lbs*

    2. Miss Peggy Sue Viking 42 49.4 lbs*

    3. Wanderlust Viking 55 36.0 lbs


    1. Game On Viking 45 18.4 lbs


    1. In Ron We Trust Viking 61 34.7 lbs

    2. Princess Lily Viking 66 25.0 lbs

    3. Miss Peggy Sue Viking 42 22.2 lbs*

    Grand Champion

    Man-e-War Viking 66*

    * Galati Customer