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2023 Waves, Wings, and Wheels Recap

2023 Waves, Wings, and Wheels Recap

In February, the Galati Yacht Sales Naples Office held an extraordinary Waves, Wings, and Wheels event that was attended by approximately 130 customers and prospects. The event was an outstanding success, with a variety of impressive yachts, vehicles, and other items on display.

About the Waves, Wings, and Wheels Event

A medley of Prestige, Cruisers, and Princess yachts were the main attractions, but visitors were also able to admire Porsche cars from a local dealership and a plane from Icon Aviation. The evening began with delightful bites from area restaurants and a band that provided great entertainment. Attendees were also treated to an array of fine jewelry, a cigar roller, and artists displaying their work.

Our Commitment

The Waves, Wings, and Wheels event was a big hit, and attendees left with a lasting impression of the luxurious yachts on display and their quality. It was a fantastic opportunity for our Naples office to connect with customers and prospects and provided a prime opportunity to showcase the product to a discerning clientele. The event was a testament to our commitment to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers and prospective clients. To truly experience the excitement and fantastic atmosphere that permeated the evening, check out the event video.

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