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2020 Signature Triple Crown | Leg 2 Recap

2020 Signature Triple Crown | Leg 2 Recap


2020 Signature Triple Crown | Leg 2 Recap

The 2020 Signature Triple Crown Leg 2 tournament was held on February 26-29, presented by Los Suenos Resort and Marina and Chantilly Air. The tournament had 41 teams that signed up, compromised of 202 individual anglers. The three-day combined total of fish released was 870 billfish, including 703 sails and 67 marlin. There were no clear winners until the very end of day 3 when “Team Galati”, aboard Viking Yachts 62 Convertible, reeled in a marlin just before 3 PM. They managed to keep their first place stature until the very end.

Day One Highlights

The tournament kicked off with a sailfish release by Shoe eight minutes after lines in was called at 8:00 am. By noon the field had released 164 sails and 8 marlins. “HT Hook” was still in first, but on time only, with 1200 points. They were followed by “Tarheel” also with 1200 points, and “Team Galati” with 1100 points. “War Party” plucked away at the sailfish all day long, finishing with 16 sails. “War Party” saw the most releases of any boat on Day 1, but secured their second-place finish for the day with a marlin release at 3:12 pm. As the sun set Thursday evening, the official scores showed “Off Duty” in first with 2200 points (12 sails, 2 marlins), followed by “War Party” in second with 2100 points (16 sails, 1 marlin), and “Team Galati” in third with 2000 points (15 sails, 1 marlin).

Day Two Highlights

By 10 am, the 41 participating teams had released a two-day combined total of 415 sails and 20 marlins. “Off Duty” was in first with 2300 points, “War Party” in second with 2200 points and “Game Changer” in third with 2100 points. “Reel Joy” enjoyed the top spot with two marlin releases at 12:30 pm, which they kept until “Team Galati” released their second marlin at 1:17 pm, taking them to the front of the pack, where they remained for the rest of the day. At 4 pm, it was “Team Galati” in first with a two-day total of 3500 points (20 sails, 3 marlins). They were followed by “Reel Joy” in second on time with 3000 points (15 sails, 3 marlins), and “Tarheel” in third, also with 3000 points (20 sails, 2 marlins).

Day Three Highlights

In under an hour, seven more marlins had been released by the fleet. By 10 am the leaderboard looked almost completely different, with “Off Duty” in first with 4100 points, “Team Galati” in second with 4000 points, and “Outage” in third with 3300 points. “Team Galati” was in first place at noon, over “Off Duty” and “Fish Tank”. “Team Galati” took the top position back with a double sailfish release before 2 pm. At 2:21 pm “Team Galati”, “Off Duty” (who had just released a triple), and “Outage” were all tied on points. No sooner had this report been shared on the official tournament radio, “Outage” released a double and moved ahead of the pack. “Team Galati” then took first with a marlin just before 3 pm and stayed there until the end.

Tournament Winner | 2020 Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Leg 2

Team Galati

“Team Galati”, aboard the 62C, took first place with a three-day combined total of 5000 points. The team released 25 sails and 5 marlin. “Team Galati” was followed by “Outage” in second on time, with 4800 points after releasing 23 sails and 5 marlins. “Tarheel” released 33 sails and 3 marlins, also for 4800 points and third place. Congratulations to the entire fleet who battled it out in the blue-water arena, and congrats to all the winners.

Series Championship | 2020 Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown

Going into Leg 3, “Outage” has the highest score, with a two-leg total of 8400 points. They are 400 points ahead of “Tarheel”, in the second position, and 900 points ahead of “Team Galati”, rounding out the top three. Leg 3 of the Los Suenos Triple Crown Series kicks off March 25-28. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Cited: Los Suenos

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