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  • Viking 75 Motor Yacht


    By: | Date: February 27, 2018

    Viking 75 Motor Yacht

    Spearheading Viking Yacht’s return to the motor yacht market in 2014, the Viking 75 Motor Yacht raises the bar.  The moment the first hull hit the water. Ushering in a brand-new era of American made motor yachts. Especially for the discriminating buyer who wants to own the perfect blend of rugged sea keeping abilities. Including performance and building quality without the need to compromise.

    In addition, Viking has spent decades catering to the toughest crowd in the boating world. Yet they continuously leed the way in the highly competitive arena of tournament sportfishing. They incorporate the same toughness and performance into every aspect of the motor yacht line-up. Furthermore, Galati Yacht Sales is happy to announce that we have a 2018 Viking 75 Motor Yacht in stock. Also, available now and for immediate delivery.


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