Shopping for an Orange Beach, Alabama yacht, look no further than The Wharf, the home of Galati Yacht Sales. The Wharf, this marina includes retail shops, an amphitheater, condos, fishing club, and resort hotel. We stock new and pre-owned yachts in Orange Beach with professional yacht brokerage service for high-quality pre-owned yachts being a major focus. Specializing in Viking, Cruisers, Princess, Maritimo, and Prestige Yachts. As mentioned, our boat brands include:

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The Orange Beach Yacht Brokerage Location


Finding the right yacht broker to work with is so difficult, and we know that – and our brokers are changing just that. We spend our time on what matters to our customers and finding the best sales in Alabama. What makes our Orange Beach location so special? That’s simple: our team. Each and every one of our Alabama-based yacht brokers knows the area, knows the people, and knows the waters here in the Gulf. This is our backyard, our fishing spot, and our neighborhood. We are dedicated to lending our passion, insight, and expertise to captains looking to buy or sell yachts in Alabama.

The Galati Difference


For 50 years we have maintained the same level of care, passion, and knowledge that made us one of the most reputable yacht dealerships in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and Costa Rica. The Galati Difference has allowed us to grow in reach, as well as in reputation. The Galati network spans the entire gulf, three countries, and thousands of happy customers. Our team continuously strives to be the best in the industry, to set the trend and lead the charge to create a better yacht industry as a whole. There is nothing quite like it – the Galati Difference is something you have to experience. We hope you’ll stop by our Alabama location and let us show you first hand!

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Do you still want to do some research? Here are some more links to help you find or sell a yacht. Learn more about working with a yacht broker and yacht financing. We have spent decades streamlining the yacht sales process and developing the buying process, and we are happy to walk you through it. If you have any questions at all, call a yacht broker directly at: (251) 512-5767

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