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Gregg Somerville

Gregg Somerville

Location: 900 S Bay Blvd Anna Maria, Florida, United States

Phone: (813) 495-0301

Gregg’s simple formula for success is always to treat people with pride, knowledge and honesty. He always is eager to please his clients and most clients are receptive to his tireless dedication to hard work. Gregg leads his clients through yacht surveys, personal yachting experience, tactical negotiations and strategic brokerage yacht sales.


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Galati, Client Quote: “Gregg’s commitment to detail, ease of working with and professional handling of all aspects of our transaction, made for a wonderful lasting experience for our family”. 

Gregg has thousands of hours logged on the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf, Caribbean and Inland Waterways in a variety of different Yachts. Use Gregg’s vast market knowledge, Fishing, Cruising and Boating experience to help you make… educated, lasting decisions regarding your next vessel. Gregg Eats, Sleeps and Dreams Boats.

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$94,999 USD

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Client Testimonials

Grant and Rachel Benns (2/22/2017)

"We have recently had the great pleasure of purchasing our yacht Dulce Vida, a Caver 450 Voyager, through Gregg Somerville of Galati Yacht Sales.

This was a transaction involving more than the usual formalities, as we purchased the yacht ‘sight unseen’ from our home in Auckland, New Zealand, with the yacht being located in Tampa, Florida.

Right from the start, Gregg demonstrated an incredible willingness to help us though the pre–purchase process, albeit from afar. At no time did Gregg make us feel pressured, but at the same time we felt that he was working hard to ensure our interests were being protected. He was most particular about ensuring the specifications and condition was accurately represented to us, given our inability to inspect the yacht first-hand.

Pleasingly, upon post-sale delivery of the yacht to us, everything was exactly as we expected – we cannot be happier with our purchase decision, which would not have been possible without the advice and guidance Gregg provided throughout.

Also, for anybody considering moving up to a larger yacht (as we did) I can recommend Gregg as a patient and thorough boating tutor, who certainly helped ease us into the operation of our new vessel. Thanks for the backing-and-berthing instruction, Gregg!

As this purchase involved the export of the boat from Florida to New Zealand, Gregg and the rest of team at Galati Yacht Sales had to ensure more than the normal amount of paperwork was completed, to satisfy the various authorities. Despite the time-zone issues, communication throughout was regular, timely and thorough, and the documentation flawless – evidence of the experience and knowledge Gregg, Sandra and the Galati Yachts team have amassed.

It therefore goes without saying that we can highly recommend Gregg Somerville as a fantastic yacht broker, a gentleman of honesty and integrity, and a great ambassador for Galati Yacht Sales."


Kind regards,

Grant and Rachel Benns

Auckland, New Zealand



Robert Easterling (6/28/2016)

I am taking the time to write this letter because I want you to know about the exemplary performance of one of your sales brokers, Gregg Somerville.

Upon moving to Florida, the boating capital of the world, my wife and I eagerly set out to find an “interim: boat to hold us over for a while. We had expected to be assisted by Florida salespeople with a high level of boating knowledge and who would understand our purchase goal. Surprisingly, we found ourselves dealing with agents exhibiting low interest, little or no training, and mediocre boating knowledge.

But all that changed with Gregg, whose easy-going and confident boater know-how turned our boat-buying task into a pleasant experience. In Gregg we benefited by the kind of expert boating knowledge and enthusiasm that can only come from an agent who is an avid boater himself. Throughout the entire purchase process, we observed Gregg to be highly intelligent, intuitive, reassuring, and totally dedicated to the art of professional salesmanship. In fact, we are so confident in Gregg that we have just given the sales listing of our “interim: vessel to your firm. We look forward to your further help as we now begin our quest for that final Dream Boat.

Megarie Van Sickel (6/28/2016)

Thank you so much for your in-kind sponsorship of the 2012 Mad Hatter Tea. Proceeds raised through this event benefit the Southwest Florida chapter enabling the American Red Cross to provide relief to victims of disaster, deliver emergency support to military families and veterans, and teach people valuable life-saving skills right here in our community.

In was a thrill for our guests to experience the yachts you arranged to have on the premises for the event and we know the winner of the chance drawing is looking forward to enjoying the sunset Cruise for 6 donated by your company.

On behalf of our hostess, Katherine Harris, the Mad Hatter Founding Stewards and Committee, the American Red Cross and the many people served through our Southwest Florida chapter, thank you again for your support. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Barney Hill (6/28/2016)

I’ve dealt with buying and selling boats for over 50 years and have had ample opportunities to form opinions about those with whom I work. My first several contacts with Gregg Somerville were by e-mail and telephone concerning the possible purchase of a 46’ Bertram through your company. After finally meeting Mr. Somerville in person, he proved my original assessment to be true. He proved himself to be very professional and knowledgeable. He made it extremely easy to relax and conduct business without always having to feel “on guard.” He was at all times very personable and never left a detail unnoticed or an issue unsolved. Throughout the entire purchasing process, he followed up instantly and effectively on any issue that arose. After purchasing the boat, I feel that I made a friend that cared deeply about the outcome of the purchase, and gave full fiduciary consideration for me as the customer. He feels that the company that he represents has a sterling reputation and upholds that reputation to the greatest degree.

Many times, in business, you come in contact with sales personnel that don’t take their career very seriously. Gregg exhibits an extraordinary talent for problem solving and reassuring the individuals involved in the process. He operates his business in an exemplary manner. For these reasons, I have listed my 42’ Bertram for sale with Galati Yacht Sales assured in the fact that these are the type sales people that you employ.

It is my opinion that employees of this caliber should be recognized, and it is my hope that this letter will serve that purpose.

Ed and Ann Roussea (6/28/2016)

The long awaited day has finally arrived when we can all say “It’s a done deal.” I’ll bet this is the longest boat sale of your career. It certainly was no small feat, right from the beginning last November with the boat being in Bradenton, your being in Palmetto, our being in Punta Gorda and the seller being in Tennessee. Just the logistics was enough to make one’s head buzz. And then there were the various times when it looked as if it was a “no go,” but you diplomatically and caringly persisted, even making trips here to Punta Gorda to follow up on things after you had relocated to another yacht sales brokerage, in another city.

When we first looked at the boat in Fort Myers, we thought of you as the seller’s broker. Before long we came to feel that you were indeed our broker as well. Your diligence and concern for fairness on both the part of the seller and the buyer was exceptional. You certainly seemed to go the extra mile for each of us and it is very much appreciated on our part. You always kept us informed as to what was going on. Your openness and honesty is refreshing, and your attention to detail is above average.

In the future, should the occasion arise, we would be delighted to do business with you again in the capacity of either a buyer or seller, and we definitely would recommend you to anyone we know. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Jim & Donna Peltier (6/28/2016)

Again, with your help, our insurance coverage was completed today, and tomorrow, a year after our first visit we have attained our objective.

In my continual buying, and selling of these wasteful toys I have had more experiences then one might want, some good, and some terrible. However, none more pleasurable, or professional then the service you provided us, in the sale of our last vessel, and our recent purchase.

Your patience, and knowledge was exceptional, not in "selling" us a boat, but rather by building a relationship that enabled us to find and buy the boat we wanted.

Donna, and myself enjoyed working with, and feel you are the best.

I have wasted greater sums of money, certainly more foolishly, but......never with such enjoyment.

Thank you again, YOU are the best, and I look forward to our next endeavor, knowing you survived this one.

Bruce & Sandi Beecher (6/28/2016)

Sandi and I want to thank you for making our yacht buying experience so stress free. Given that we are from Montana and have never done any boating in Florida, this could have been a really scary but your advice and explanations comforted us that we were making the right decisions. And even after we had signed on the dotted line (when most sales people move on to their next customer) you spent time going over the details of our new boat and teaching us how to dock and maneuver through the channels. In short, Gregg, you made us feel like we were dealing with a friend who was watching out for our best interest. We thank you for your help, your advice, and your friendship. We look forward to boating with you in the future.

Carlos Beruff (6/28/2016)

I would like to commend Gregg, he was a strong and conscientious advocate for us throughout the process.

His patience, attention to detail, and keeping the boat yard experience as pleasant as it can be, makes him a HUGE asset to the Galati organization. I would find it hard in the future to buy anything in your industry without consulting Gregg.

Carmine thank you for the introduction, he is the right guy.

Rich Mongeau (6/28/2016)

It's been a hectic 2 months with the arrival of my first grandchild and the replacement and recuperation of my other new hip. Just wanted to send you some words that you may want to use on the Galati site that express my thoughts on your abilities as a broker. Here goes.

"After several dealings with FL brokers in my search to buy my retirement vessel, I had the good fortune to bump into Greg while looking for a boat slip. I was immediately impressed with his energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. When it was time I gave him a call, and although he knew I wanted to buy a specific boat, he spent time showing me various other varieties to make sure my boat type was still what I wanted.

He made the buying experience easy and comfortable. The most important service that Greg provided me was his experience in helping me find wonderful, honest, and skilled maintenance, repair and insurance contacts. From that moment on he was always available to help in any way.

Years later when it was time for me to sell, Greg went out of his way to close the deal. He has all the tools to help anyone sell their vessel."

Sam Cannon (6/28/2016)

We have just completed the sale of our 34' Rampage yesterday. Gregg has shepherded this process since day one. It has been a great experience all the way. We had met with Gregg, early on an Sunday morning, prior to bringing our boat back from Abaco. We have had much experience with yacht brokers, over the years, and were quite impressed with our first meeting. He continued to impress us over the several weeks, until we had a reasonable offer, which led to the final sale.

Probably the most significant, and impressive experience was his constant communication with us about what was going on. With other brokers, we would have to call them every two or three weeks, when we heard nothing about the interest, or the status of any offers. Gregg was in constant communication with us and "babied" us through the stressing period of counter offers; solving survey issues; and, managing the final discussions and close.

I spent much of my business life, searching for the right blend of intelligence and sales ability in men and women. There is a very small pool of these qualified people and when you find them, it makes life so much simpler and more rewarding for managers and owners of businesses. Gregg fits this class on salesperson and we were very happy to have him work with my wife and myself.