Used Yellowfin Boats For Sale

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About Yellowfin Yachts

Used Yellowfin boats for sale are built in Sarasota, Florida, and made in a conglomeration of 16 buildings that comprise 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Now owned by Warbird Marine Holdings (2021), Yellowfin Yachts got its start from a man named Wylie Nagler in 1998, the same year he sold Back Country Powerboats, his first company, to Champion Boats; Nagler wanted to design an offshore fishing boat his way. Since selling the first Yellowfin Yacht at the Miami Boat Show in 2000, the company has built and sold more than one thousand boats and yachts, in which you can find plenty of used offshore boats for sale.

Despite those impressive numbers, Nagler did not want to build as many boats as possible at the lowest price; instead, his philosophy was to produce a yacht with the best possible materials. If he found something on the market that was better than what he was already using—a cleat, for example, or a rod holder—it automatically went into the next revision.
in-house without the aid of outside experts, as Yellowfin’s designs use real-world experience.

The Best Models of Yellowfin Boats & Yachts

Yellowfin offers fourteen models that range from a 17-foot skiff boat to a 54-foot offshore center console. The 24 Bay and the 36 Offshore are the company’s best sellers. The 24 Bay is so popular that Nagler once said, “we can’t build them fast enough.” The 36 is Yellowfin’s “backbone” because it runs better and faster than other companies’ offerings in that class. “It’s a phenomenal running boat,” stated Wylie.

You won’t find any contract naval architects, structural engineers, or custom painters on Yellowfin’s payroll. Everything—from design to testing to final build—is completed in-house without the aid of outside experts, as Yellowfin’s designs use real-world experience.

Why is it Worth Buying Used Yellowfin Boats?

Nagler’s grandfather was a yacht broker who raced boats. Nagler himself used to be a boat rigger. His lifetime of experience growing up around boats in Miami, informed his designs and maritime sensibilities. All Yellowfins have a center console, which adds to their stability and provides plenty of elbowroom for anglers along the perimeters. Their stepped-hull construction introduces more air underneath the boat, upping its speed capacity. The 36 and 42 have a top speed of 62 mph.

Most Yellowfin Yachts are semi-custom built. Clients choose engine and seating configurations; T-top, console, coffin box, and swim platform styles; and colors for rub rails, pipework, hulls, and upholstery. Every vessel, whether new or used Yellowfin boats, starts with solid vinyl ester resin, compared to the vinyl ester skin coat that most companies use. Some models also incorporate resin infusion, which reduces weight, giving a shallower draft and increasing fuel economy.

People love to fish in the Gulf of Mexico, and they love to race powerboats. Why not build a boat that would go fast and have the amenities that sports fisherman craves? Yellowfin Yachts can build that boat. Explore Yellowfin used boats for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Yellowfin Yachts

Where are Yellowfin boats built?

Yellowfin boats are built in Sarasota, Florida and is one of the most respected high-end fishing boat brands in the industry.

How much does a 54 ft Yellowfin cost?

Looking at current market trends, a late model used 54 FT Yellowfin yacht costs somewhere in the range of $1.4 million to upwards of $3 million, depending on upgrades and added options. Talk to a certified yacht broker at Galati Yacht Sales for more information regarding used Yellowfin Yachts.

Are Yellowfin boats good?

Yellowfin Yachts are great boats to own that are quality-built and innovative, constructed with premium materials by expert boat builders, with unmatched attention to detail. These fishing boats are considered to be on the pricey side compared to similar models, but each one is custom-built and outshines in performance standards, design, and functionality.

What's the smallest Yellowfin boat?

The smallest Yellowfin boat in production today is the 17-foot Skiff and 17-foot CE. The 17 Skiff is well suited for any angler’s needs — from fly fishing to live bait, this boat is designed to capture the fish of a lifetime. Unmatched stability while poling, especially in windy conditions, sets this Yellowfin boat apart from others in its class. The 17 CE by Yellowfin features the same great attributes of the shallow-water 17 Skiff with a twist. The 17 CE has a stepped-hull design to add maximum performance, efficiency, and speed. The 17 CE also uses the same high-tech carbon fiber technology used in larger Yellowfin models for max strength and lighter weight. Talk to a certified yacht broker at Galati Yachts for more information regarding used Yellowfin Yachts.

Who owns Yellowfin boats?

Warbird Marine Holdings, the same company that owns Invincible Boats, owns Yellowfin Yachts. The acquisition was completed in June 2021. Yellowfin Yachts was originally owned by Wylie Nagler, who founded the company in 1998.

Who bought Yellowfin boat?

In 2021, Warbird Marine Holdings bought Yellowfin Yachts. The company remains in Sarasota, Florida, where Wylie Nagler originally founded it in 1998. Warbird Marine Holdings also owns Invincible Boats, making it the largest designer for custom offshore fishing boats.

How much does a 42 foot Yellowfin weigh?

The 42 foot Yellowfin weighs 15,000 lbs. For more information regarding used Yellowfin Yachts, contact our professional yacht brokers for assistance.