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About Westport Yachts

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Westport Yachts is known today as the largest yacht builder in North America, manufacturer and delivering the highest quality composite superyachts worldwide. However, the start of the company looked a little different. Westport Shipyard was founded in 1964 to meet the demands of fishing fleets enduring the challenging waters of the Pacific NW. The company released its first line of commercial fishing vessels in 1965 intended for the flourishing salmon industry. The company progressed to include passenger ferries in their craft, building over 200 boats for commercial use.

Westport Motor Yachts

By the end of the 1970s, the company adapted to the changing economy and switched gears to construct and build luxury motor yachts, changing their name from Westport Shipyard to Westport Yachts. From 1984 to 1997, the company delivered scores of hulls to some of the most respected shipyards worldwide. In 1997, John Edson, founder of Bayliner Marine, became a main shareholder of Westport and accelerated the transition to building luxury superyachts.

Luxury Composite Yachts by Westport

Keeping to their steadfast commitment of building boats that meet the highest standard of seaworthiness and quality design, Westport ultimately built a fleet of luxury composite yachts ranging from 98 to 164 feet. With over 55 years of history, they have developed and expanded, establishing a pedigree of state-of-the-art production design. They remain a pioneer in the use of composite materials in motor yacht and commercial construction, and to date have manufactured more than 160 yachts and numerous commercial vessels.

Their use of composite construction techniques allows them to deliver seaworthy, stable superyachts that are stronger, lighter, and faster than others in the same class. Not to mention, with high employee retention rates, second-and third-generation artisans, and workers with thirty years’ tenure or more provide a level of experience unmatched in the industry.

Westport’s Naval Architects and Designers

Over the years, Westport Yachts has recruited the talent of leading naval architects and designers including William Garden, Donald Starkey, Greg Marshall, and Jack Sarin to work in concert with Taylor Olson and the rest of the Westport design and engineering team to develop aesthetically beautiful luxury yachts of the highest quality.

Today, Westport Yachts has three well-known facilities in Washington State: Westport, Hoquiam, and Port Angeles and a marina and sales office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their production line ranges from 98 feet – 172 feet. Take this opportunity to see what is available for sale.

Notable Westport Yachts:</h3.
MR TERRIBLE – 1990 107 Westport
1994 Westport 112
TRENDING- 2006 164 Westport
ANNASTAR– 2012 164 Westport
PEPPER XIII – 2018 125 Westport
2022 172 Westport

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