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About Sunseeker Yachts

In 1969, in Poole, England, Robert Braithwaite had a dream of a different type of power boat. He decided he was going to utilize never before used materials, as well as cutting-edge technology, to create boats specifically designed for the customer’s vision.

The Start of the Sunseeker Brand

At Poole Powerboats (the former name of Sunseeker Yachts), he sold many of the leading boat brands, including American-built Owens Cruisers. When Owens decided not to sell in the United Kingdom anymore, Braithwaite saw an opportunity to expand his design vision for a new kind of power boat. He approached the Owens UK facility and purchased their boat molds. As the 1970s dawned, they seemed to have an open market as no one in the United Kingdom was building sport and leisure boats.

History of the Sunseeker Boat Design

By 1972, the company had produced both its Sovereign 17 and Sovereign 20 models and began to expand in the sports cruiser market with the release of two revolutionary designs. As the 1980s approached, Robert took on his brother John as well as one of the premier designers of racing boats and superyachts at the time, Don Shead. From then on, Sunseeker Yachts (renamed in 1985) began to establish its reputation and following as one of the legendary boat builders of the world.

The decades of hard work and planning have culminated in some of the finest yachts in the world. Sunseeker Yachts embody the epitome of luxury and are highly coveted in the world of yachting. Boasting sleek designs, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional craftsmanship, each Sunseeker boat offers an unparalleled experience on the water. With expansive cabins, gourmet kitchens, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, they are perfect for short excursions or lengthy voyages. These yachts are engineered for performance and speed, featuring potent engines and aerodynamic designs that enable them to navigate even the roughest waters with ease.

Find Your Perfect Size of Sunseeker Yachts

With eight different yacht model lines to choose from, Sunseeker remains at the forefront of the world’s most prestigious yacht builders, whose name is synonymous with unparalleled artistry as well as unmatched quality and performance. For Sunseeker, the future of high-performance luxury yachts is already here. From the humblest beginnings over a half-century ago, the Sunseeker vision of stunning luxury and overpowering performance has yet to be equaled.

Search Used Sunseeker Yachts For Sale

If you aspire to the ultimate yacht experience, search no further than a used Sunseeker for sale. With their fusion of luxury, performance, and style, they are indisputably the pinnacle of yachting excellence. Search used Sunseeker boats for sale worldwide or contact one of our knowledgeable yacht brokers for assistance finding your ideal boat.