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Paul Mann Boats and Yachts for Sale

Paul Mann has humble origins; as a young child on the banks of North Carolina, he grew up using all types of vessels and enjoyed boat-related activities. Boating has always been a large part of Mann’s life. He had already received his captain's license at 20 years old and started an offshore fishing business. Not long after, Paul Mann started his boat-building career in 1988 by building his first sportfish yacht for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Paul Mann Yachts

What are the types of Paul Mann Yachts Available?

Paul Mann Yachts available are custom-built, high-performance sportfishing yachts with “Carolina Flare” — ranging from 52-80+ feet. Paul Mann has constructed over 40 custom sportfish boats to date.

How much does the average Paul Mann yacht cost?

Due to these boats being custom-built and only a limited supply available, Paul Mann yachts are on the higher end of the price spectrum. Based on current market trends, larger used Paul Mann yachts range from over $6.7M for a 2011 81' Paul Mann to over $9.5M for a 2019 77' Paul Mann.

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