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In 1977, a revolution was born in the world of yacht manufacturing as Taiwan born Alex Chueh began Ocean Alexander and is one of the most, if not the most, prestigious yacht designer and manufacturer in the world. His creations have been so magnificent down through the years that vessels he first created in the late 1970’s can now fetch more than three times their original price.

For Alex, and now son Johnny, who heads the company, it all begins and ends with the engineering. Cutting-edge ideas and creativity along with an uncompromising engineering vision have long placed Ocean Alexander head and shoulders above any other competitor.

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities coupled nurturing long-term partnerships with the world's best engineers and architects, continues to keep Ocean Alexander at the forefront of yacht manufacturing. These vessels surpass the unsurpassable.

The engineering, the core foundation of all Ocean Alexander yachts, begins with the company’s passion and overwhelming exuberance by which they believe that the engineering of a vessel must stand with the best engineering from the aerospace industry. It is that strength and precision of philosophy and production that they continually seek and always surpass. They never compromise with the engineering technology and, as the technology advances, so does the engineering and construction at Ocean Alexander.

The designing begins with a virtual reality environment employing Finite Element Analysis that brings a 3D concept to the designs so that any possible challenges or design changes can be quickly and efficiently accomplished long before construction even begins.

The engineering doesn’t stop there for they know a solid foundation will produce a reliable and perennial result. Their yachts are constructed using aluminum I-beams because their strength far surpasses that of wood or fiberglass with reinforced areas shored up and strengthened with lightweight unidirectional carbon fiber. This cutting-edge engineering continues throughout all Ocean Alexander vessels from the military grade fuel tanks constructed from aluminum alloy to handrails with no seams to advanced sound suppression technology that allows for their powerful engines to be very quiet.

Ocean Alexander’s yachts are a ten vessel line that is unsurpassed for quality, richness, safety, reliability, powerful performance and ranging between 70 and 155 feet. Their 155 Tri-Level Megayacht is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring engineering achievement. It is Ocean Alexander's 155 foot six stateroom masterpiece. With Twin MTU 2,575 HP engines, a Twin Kohler and Single Kohler generator along with a 15,000-gallon fuel tank, there is nowhere in the world a traveler could not venture.

For Ocean Alexander, their owners are everything; they are family. The company hosts annual bashes and VIP events that are well attended because every owner knows that they are a valued part of the Ocean Alexander family.


Ocean Alexander Yacht's Fast Facts

  • Established in 1978 with the Mark I
  • Uses Unidirectional Carbon Fiber to reinforce critical areas
  • Recently opened a factory in Merritt Island, Florida
  • Ocean Alexander builds Motoryachts from 70’ to 155’

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