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    Nordic Tugs are not for those occasional boaters but for the absolute lover of oceans, lakes, and seas. One buys a Nordic Tug Trawler not because it’s pretty or because it’s the “in” style but because they know the secret to quality life on the water and want to experience it.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Nordic Tug Yachts

    What is the most powerful Nordic tug?

    The most powerful Nordic Tug is the 54 Trawler, with Volvo Penta – D11 – 670 HP Diesel Engine. Most Nordic Tug Yachts can reach speeds up to 18 knots with a cruise speed in the 7-8 knot range.

    Where are Nordic Tug boats made?

    Nordic Tug boats are American-made in Burlington, Washington.

    How seaworthy are Nordic Tugs?

    Nordic Tugs are known to be very seaworthy cruising yachts with exceptional hulls. These American-made trawlers have always been, and continue to be, fantastic choices, especially for extended trips or liveaboards yachts. Most Nordic Tugs owners spend twice as many hours on the water compared to average boat owners. In 2007, Nordic Tugs also received the NMMA’s American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Certification for its entire product line — ABYC-certified boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard regulations in addition to more comprehensive standards and pass a rigorous third-party inspection to ensure that construction adheres to all of the applicable standards.

    What are the types of Nordic Yachts Available?

    New Nordic Tug Yachts available today include the Nordic Tug 26, 34, 40, 44, 49, and 54 Trawler. However, you can find a more comprehensive selection of Nordic Tug models available on the used yacht market.

    How much does the average Nordic tug boat cost?

    The average cost of a Nordic Tug can vary greatly depending on condition, length, year, and model. Based on current market trends, a used 2017 40’ Nordic Tug costs over $700K, while a used 2005 37’ Nordic Tug is in the $360k range.