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    Navigator yachts are built rugged to withstand the demands of the Pacific Northwest, from the warm waters of Mexico to the rough seas in Alaska. Their solid fiberglass hulls are designed to maximize fuel efficiency, with drag reduced by almost a third when the yacht is on a plane at cruising speeds. Innovations such as the Joystick Maneuvering System and the Seakeeper Gyro Stabilizer are two recent innovations that improve performance and stability, giving an owner confidence during operation. Inside, the living spaces are semi-customizable, but should an owner desire, the company can design a yacht from the ground up. This Californian company has been building yachts for over 40 years and remains American made, supporting the US economy and its families.

    Navigator Yachts' Fast Facts

    • Founded in 1988 by Jule Marshall, in Perris, California
    • Navigator is known for its luxury yachts
    • Built with solid fiberglass hulls
    • Yachts are semi-custom, meaning an owner has options to choose from during the build process
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