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Intrepid Powerboats for Sale

When it comes to Intrepid Powerboats, no two models are alike. Craftsmanship and deriving innovative design concepts are what keep this brand alive. Intrepid Power Boats is one of the leaders in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Intrepid Yachts

Who bought Intrepid boats?

MarineMax bought Intrepid boats in November 2021.

Are Intrepids good fishing boats?

Intrepid boats make good fishing boats since they offer a smooth and comfortable ride, enhanced safety features, and exceptional fit and finish. Intrepid’s signature stepped-hull design also delivers unmatched speed, fuel efficiency, and performance.

Where are Intrepid boats made?

Intrepid boats are made in Largo, Florida. Intrepid was initially based out of Opa-Locka, Florida, before moving locations and expanding the company.

Who owns the Intrepid yacht?

MarineMax owns Intrepid Yachts as of 2021.

What are the types of Intrepid Yachts Available?

The type of Intrepid Yachts ranges from their Nomad line of center consoles to their Panacea and Valor line of center consoles with cabins and their Evolution and Valor sport yachts. However, a wider variety of used Intrepid models can be found on the brokerage market.

How much do Intrepid Yachts cost?

Based on the brokerage market, a used Intrepid Yacht can cost anywhere from almost $1.5M for a late-model 2020 477 Evolution to $435K for a 2009 Intrepid 430 Sport Yacht. The cost of a used Intrepid boat will vary depending on the year, length, features, model, and condition. Contact a yacht broker for assistance in finding the perfect fit for your boating lifestyle and budget.

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