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HCB Yachts for Sale

HCB Yachts, formerly known as Hydra-Sports Custom, is a premium builder of luxurious and durable large center console yachts available under four model names – Speciale, Lujo, Sueños, and Estrella. HCB, standing for Hybrid Center Console Boat Yachts, is not your average brand of center consoles. These custom-designed boats excel in performance and comfort and feature the latest technological advancements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used HCB Yachts

What does HCB boats stand for?

HCB boats stand for Hybrid Center Console. HCB Yachts, formerly known as Hydra-Sports Custom Boats, officially renamed the company in 2018 as part of a five-year plan to evolve.

How much do HCB Boats cost?

The price of an HCB boat depends on several factors: purchasing new or used, model, length, engine package, additional accessories, etc. All in all, prices vary greatly. Pre-owned HCB boats can range from $430,000 to $2.8 million.

What are the types of HCB Boats Available?

HCB boats available for sale include the Speciale, Lujo, Sueños, and Estrella luxury center console yachts. These boats range from 39-65 feet. However, a variety of used HCB boats, formerly known as Hydra-Sport Custom Yachts, can be found on the brokerage market, including the former HCB Siesta.

Why are HCB Boats So Popular?

HCB Boats are so popular due to the quality, design, performance, and comfort these center console yachts provide. Each boat is custom designed to the owners liking through their Crucero Experience, where customers gain access to an entire team of experts for guidance in the customization journey. HCB is also committed to the owner experience, with customer satisfaction taking priority.
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