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    Willis Slane, who envisioned a new breed of fishing boat that could take on the waves of Cape Hatteras in 1959, founded Hatteras Yachts. The first Hatteras boat released — Knit Wits 41-foot fiberglass yacht — revolutionized the industry and set a new standard for fishing yachts. Since then, the Hatteras name has been known for exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and next level service. Today, Hatteras builds sportfish yachts ranging from 45-70 feet.

    Yacht dreams mean the kind of luxury that Hatteras Yachts delivers. But Hatteras Yachts also promises an innovative multi-bladed hybrid propeller design for enhanced noise suppression, hull options that anticipate environmental conditions, low gear ratios to improve performance, and a deep tunnel design that has revolutionized rudder response. Used Hatteras boats for sale include luxurious, innovative, and high performance vessels in two lines, Motor Yachts and Sportfish Yachts.

    Unmatched Used Hatteras Motor Yachts

    Hatteras Yachts' Fast Facts

    • Located in New Bern, North Carolina
    • The Hatteras team can restore yachts a half-century old
    • Has both convex and modified V hulls
    • Hatteras Yachts makes researching noise suppression a priority
    • Offers four models of luxury Motor Yachts from 60' to 100'
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