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About Grand Banks

Grand Bank Yachts, a dream envisioned by John Newton and his sons was born on the waterfront of Hong Kong. What began as a passion project, under the name American Marines sixty years ago, quickly grew into one of the world’s most reputable Yacht brands in the world.

Every Grand Banks on the water, specially crafted with raw materials by boating experts in the company’s facilities, from the thousands of parts that comprise every model to the accents, and stainless steel finishes, as well as the furniture inside the yacht. They have one of the most technologically advanced and efficient shipyards than any other boating facility in the world. The expansive factory space introduced twenty different departments, and each monitors the stages of the building process.

While the traditional craftsmanship of their yachts is what attracts seamen all around the world, Grand Banks Yachts have managed to balance the “new school and the old school successfully”. By embracing they’re heritage and innovation, they’ve been able to create masterpiece boats that set new standards in the industry.

For every yachtsman, a smooth ride is essential even in the roughest conditions. That’s why Grand Banks Yachts are infamous for they’re the ability to create an exceptional yacht that glides through the water providing high speed, stability and resulting in an ultra smooth ride that everyone on board will enjoy.

The company has even created the most stable 60-foot monohulled flybridge which enables a yacht to maintain stability without relying on stabilization technology. Each boat supports CE and A category weather conditions which means that you can expect a smooth ride in winds 40 knots or move. Also, fuel efficiency is a top priority for Grand Banks high-performance yachts.

Grand Banks model range consists of luxury yachts that with beautiful and spacious interiors. They offer a choice between lower and upper galley levels yacht layout. The company offers three models which include; GB60, GB52, and Eastbay.

The GB60 is the most efficient cruiser in its size using a new standard of fully infused carbon fiber construction. Generous entertaining areas and comfortable furnishings, three staterooms complete this beautiful yacht that can reach speeds up to 36 knots, And has a range of more than 2,500 nautical miles at 10 knots.

The GB52 will be available in 2019, uses infused carbon fiber for a super lightweight build and increased strength and durability. This Grand Banks model has an enclosed sky lounge to comfortably seat four people. The GB52 features a deep hull form with responsive electric steering. It’s the ideal family cruiser with the ability to accommodate six people overnight and entertain even more in the entertaining space.

Grand Banks has perfected their production and manufacturing techniques to deliver cruisers that are durable and able to take on the sea. Therefore, you can expect nothing but a smooth and comfortable ride in a luxury yacht.