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Used Galeon Yachts & Boats For Sale

With over 40 years in the yacht-building business, Galeon is one of the top European manufacturers of luxury motor yachts. From the drawing table to the final launch, each Galeon yacht is carefully designed and handcrafted to achieve the level of quality that the company is known for. Bold styling and attention to detail are common elements of each Galeon boat. Their lead designer, Tony Castro, has a history of award-winning vessels, some as large as 410 feet, and his expertise has earned the company many European yacht-design awards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Galeon Yachts

How much does a Galeon yacht cost?

With 28 different models of vessels, the price of a Galeon yacht depends on several factors: purchasing new or used, model, length, engine package, additional accessories, etc. All in all, prices vary greatly. Pre-owned Galeon yachts can range from $639,000 to $3.0 million.

Where is Galeon yachts made?

The Galeon Yachts factory is located in Gdansk, Poland.

Are Galeon boats any good?

Yes, Galeon boats are deemed to be luxury vessels. Galeon is at the forefront of innovative boatbuilding – constantly introducing new and daring designs that push the limits of luxury further and further with each successive generation of yachts.

Who owns Galeon yachts?

The owner of Galeon Yachts is Jacek Kobylko, the son of the company founder, Wieczyslaw Kobylko.

Who makes Galeon boats?

Founded in 1982, Galeon Yachts has over three decades of manufacturing experience and a workforce of over 1,300 highly skilled engineers, craftsmen, and technicians who combine their efforts in a world-class facility.

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