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About Freeman Boatworks

In an industry steeped in tradition, one man’s unwavering determination transformed the world of offshore fishing. Driven by the relentless challenges posed by harsh weather conditions, Billy Freeman’s visionary boat design emerged as a beacon of innovation. With a team of dedicated artisans, he brought his dream to life, starting with a solitary vessel crafted by hand.

Over the years, this passion project grew into a revered company celebrated for its unrivaled craftsmanship. And even now, after more than a decade, their commitment to pushing boundaries and conquering new frontiers remains steadfast. Fuel efficiency and speed have become their guiding stars, tailored to meet the specific needs of their discerning customers.

If you’re in search of an offshore fishing boat that can navigate the vast expanse of the ocean or glide effortlessly at a breathtaking speed of 80mph, look no further than a Freeman boat. Their mastery lies in the art of crafting extraordinary, top-of-the-line boats that transport you with unparalleled swiftness. But it doesn’t stop there. These remarkable catamaran boats also offer the epitome of luxury, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the open sea.

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