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About Fleming Yachts

Fleming Yachts construction began in 1985 under Tony Fleming’s personal supervision at the Tung Hwa boat yard in Taiwan. Today, all Fleming Yachts are still built by Tung Hwa and sold through authorized dealers worldwide. Prior to Fleming Yachts, Tony Fleming was the technical director and later general manager of American Marine, the builder of Grand Banks trawler yachts. After leaving American Marine, Tony and business partner Anton Emmerton chose Tung Hwa in Taiwan as the birthplace of Fleming Yachts, where the first 55′ Fleming was built in 1985.

Family Business

Following the unfortunate passing of Anton Emmerton, Nicky Fleming, the daughter of Fleming, stepped in to assist her father in managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Her invaluable contributions eventually led to her assuming the role of director of marketing. Additionally, Adrian Shard, a mechanical engineer and Fleming’s nephew, eagerly joined the company to learn the intricate art of boatbuilding from his experienced uncle. Together, this dedicated family duo continues to uphold the legacy of Fleming Yachts with passion and expertise.

History of Fleming Yachts

By 1997, more than one hundred Fleming 55s had been manufactured. In 2000, the Fleming 75 was born of clients’ demands for a larger model, and in 2005, the Fleming 65 satisfied their wish for something in between. The first Fleming 65 produced, named Venture, was built for none other than Tony Fleming himself, and he gradually transitioned from boat builder to world traveler, videographer, and magazine publisher, leaving his company in the capable hands of a carefully assembled team of managers.

At the end of 2015, Fleming Yachts’ 30th year in business, the company completed and shipped its 300th boat. In 2017, Fleming launched the 78 Classic, which shares its deck and hull with the original 78 but sports a low-profile, single-level flybridge. In addition, the flybridge hosts a barbecue grill, refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, and entertainment center. All electrical systems have been brought up to speed with the latest technology as well.

Fleming Boats For Sale

Fleming produces only five models; the Fleming 55, 58, 65, 78, and the flagship 85 Fleming. With a raised pilothouse and semi-displacement hull, the 55 is the classic trawler yacht. The deep keel protects the running gear and gives stability in following seas, and the Seatorque anti-vibration drive system has made her the industry standard for a smooth, quiet ride.

The Fleming 58 preserves the classic silhouette of the rest of the Fleming pack, though it was redesigned from scratch by Norman Wright and Sons of Brisbane. The 65 may measure only ten feet longer than the 55 but has much more deck and interior space because this yacht is 70% larger in displacement. The Fleming 78 can travel 2,000 nautical miles at 10 knots and has a top speed of 20 knots.

The flagship Fleming 85’ is designed and engineered to take you anywhere in the world with grace, comfort, and reliability. From the renowned naval architects of Norman R Wright and Sons, the hull is designed to be the most efficient semi-displacement hull available.

When the decision-makers at Fleming are debating whether to introduce a new feature on one of their models, they don’t ask themselves if it will help them sell more boats. They propose instead, “Will it make the boat safer, better, or more convenient?” If the answer is yes, they throw the new element into the mix, and in this way, their watercraft are continually evolving.

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Fleming Yacht FAQ's

Where are Fleming yachts built?

In 1985 the first Fleming boat was officially in the works, with boat yards in Taiwan offering the best choice for building quality yachts. After extensive research, Tony Fleming selected the Tung Hwa yard, located just outside the busy port of Kaohsiung, to build his new design. Tung Hwa now employs nearly 200 craftsmen and artisans, many of whom have worked there since the beginning.

Who owns Fleming yachts?

Tony Fleming, a world-renowned boat builder and founder of Fleming Yachts, owns Fleming yachts.

How many Fleming yachts have been built?

Since 1985, a total of approximately 18 Flemings boats are built each year.

Who makes Fleming boats?

Fleming boats are designed by Tony Fleming and built by nearly 200 craftsmen and artisans.

What are the types of Fleming Boats are availability?

Fleming currently has five pilot house motor yacht models available: Fleming 55, Fleming 58, Fleming 65, Fleming 78, and Fleming 85.