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    From 1961-1983, British-born Tony Fleming was the technical director and later the general manager of American Marine in Hong Kong and Singapore — the builder of the American-made Grand Banks line of trawler yachts, which are still in production. After leaving American Marine, Tony and business partner Anton Emmerton chose Tung Hwa in Taiwan as the birthplace of Fleming Yachts, where the first 55' Fleming was built in 1985.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Fleming Yachts

    Where are Fleming yachts built?

    In 1985 the first Fleming boat was officially in the works, with boat yards in Taiwan offering the best choice for building quality yachts. After extensive research, Tony Fleming selected the Tung Hwa yard, located just outside the busy port of Kaohsiung, to build his new design. Tung Hwa now employs nearly 200 craftsmen and artisans, many of whom have worked there since the beginning.

    Who owns Fleming yachts?

    Tony Fleming, a world-renowned boat builder and founder of Fleming Yachts, owns Fleming yachts.

    How many Fleming yachts have been built?

    Since 1985, a total of approximately 18 Flemings boats are built each year.

    Who makes Fleming boats?

    Fleming boats are designed by Tony Fleming and built by nearly 200 craftsmen and artisans.

    What are the types of Fleming Boats are availability?

    Fleming currently has five pilot house motor yacht models available: Fleming 55, Fleming 58, Fleming 65, Fleming 78, and Fleming 85.