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About Fairline Yachts

Jack Newington, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Oundle Marina back in 1963. He saw the potential in unused gravel pits near a serene lake and the River Nene in eastern England. With determination, he constructed workshops, offices, a slipway, and even a chandlery store, offering small boat rentals to eager adventurers. In 1967, Jack introduced the world to the Fairline 19 Deluxe, a remarkable fiberglass cruiser that captured the hearts of boating enthusiasts.

Fairline Legacy

Building on this success, Sam Newington took the reins of the business in 1971, expanding with Mediterranean dealerships and the introduction of the ever-popular Phantom line. A true game-changer, the flagship Fairline 40 was launched in 1977, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. The legacy continues with the Targa and Squadron lines, which were unveiled in 1985 and 1991, respectively, and are still proudly in production today. It’s worth mentioning that the Targa 63 GTO, expertly designed by Alberto Mancini, was honored with the prestigious 2017 World Yachts Trophies award for its exceptional exterior design.

Spacious & Elegant Yachts

Fairline is a brand that continuously adapts and evolves, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. With a longstanding global reputation for its exceptional range of designs, Fairline Yachts embraces the latest advancements in both technology and style. Remaining true to its core values, Fairline creates models that effortlessly combine spaciousness with elegance. Its brand legacy is one that promises unforgettable adventures for all who step on board.