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Egg Harbor Yachts began with humble beginnings in 1946 with three entrepreneurial young men building 14’ rowboats. Ted Haggas was the designer living in Egg Harbor, N.J., the soon to be the namesake of the company. He was the designer of the then-popular Jersey Sea Skiff. Soon the team launched a 28' boat designed by Haggas under the new company name Egg Harbor Boat Company.

The company began to flourish bringing on more and more employees. The average wage back then, sixty-cents an hour. Since those early days, the company has had some hiccups, changing hands several times. Today the company is thriving under the banner Egg Harbor Group, selling the namesake brand as well as others.

Egg Harbor has always been a trusted and respected brand throughout time with world-class yachts from 35’ to 50’. The Egg Harbor Predator and Sports Yacht's signature aesthetic comes from world-renowned designer Michael Peters, known his focus of blending of art and science. The unique Egg Harbor 35' Predator Series is a head-turner. It is an incredibly sexy open Sports Fish yacht that's quick and agile, steady and smooth ride.

Performance is unrivaled thanks in part to the newest compact, lightweight engines. An Egg Harbor is instantly recognizable by their streamlined, sensuous, and sleek hulls uniquely flared bow, solid glass bottom and keel. The smooth open water ride is also a dry one thanks to its raised sheer lines. Born in the North Atlantic, Egg Harbor is proud of their robust, beautiful, seaworthy, performance vessels.

Built by first-class craftspeople, who treat each vessel as if they were making it for themselves. With this keen attention to the smallest detail, Egg Harbor has a time-honored reputation for building durable, reliable, and beautiful vessels that stand the test of time and wind-swept seas. They are the quintessential choice of the serious fisherman as well as the recreational boating enthusiast.

Egg Harbor vessels have elegant, large interiors with finely finished wood trim, built with only the best materials and luxurious finishes designed to take the punishment from the salty, humid conditions. Honed by experienced designers and skilled artisans from cabinetry and upholstery, fixtures and fittings are available with semi-custom color pallets for both aesthetic and comfort.

An Egg Harbor is a symphony conducted by first-class designers and brought to life by dedicated craftspeople and backed by second to none customer service. The Egg Harbor singular beauty, extraordinarily smooth ride, tight maneuverability, wave-slicing performance, and outfitting for big-game come together to create a masterpiece for the sea.

Egg Harbor

Egg Harbor Yacht's Fast Facts

  • Manufacturing: Egg Harbor, New Jersey
  • Established in 1946
  • Ranging in sizes from 35’ to 50’
  • Builds open and convertible yachts

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