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    Egg Harbor Yachts began with humble beginnings in 1946, with three entrepreneurial young men building 14’ rowboats. Ted Haggas was the designer living in Egg Harbor, N.J., the soon-to-be namesake of the company. He was the designer of the then-popular Jersey Sea Skiff. Soon the team launched a 28' boat designed by Haggas under the new company name Egg Harbor Boat Company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Egg Harbor Yachts

    Who makes Egg Harbor Boats?

    Egg Harbor Boats are made by the Egg Harbor Group, in addition to Buddy Davis, Silverton, Ovation, Predator, and Topaz. The Egg Harbor Boat Company was originally created in 1946 by three men — Ted Haggas, John E. Leek, and Russell Post. The company eventually closed down in 1997, but the name and company were later brought to life by Ira M. Trocki. Today, Egg Harbor builds semi-custom sportfishing yachts and sports boats.

    Where are Egg Harbor boats built?

    Egg Harbor boats are built in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey.

    What is an Egg Harbor boat?

    An Egg Harbor Boat is a renowned sportfishing boat or sports boat built for dedicated fishing and cruising enthusiasts. Egg Harbor resonates with the sportfishing community as a popular manufacturer of premium fishing boats ranging from 35-50 feet.

    Who owns Egg Harbor yachts?

    Dr. Ira Trocki, former plastic surgeon and real estate developer, owns Egg Harbor Yachts. He bought the company in 1999.

    What type of boat is Egg Harbor?

    Egg Harbor is a sportfishing and sports yacht manufacturer with models ranging from 35-50 feet. Egg Harbor boats correlate with avid anglers and sportfishing enthusiasts.