Used Custom Carolina Boats For Sale

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About Custom Carolina Boats

Skilled boat builders in the Carolinas brought forth the creation of Custom Carolinas, a distinctive boat design that excelled in the challenging Atlantic waters. These hulls possess a shallower draft, a sharp entry, and a deep V-hull that smoothly transitions to a modified-V or flat hull. Typically constructed using the cold molded or plank on frame techniques, these boats are known for their lightweight nature and impressive speed.

Three Key Features

What sets them apart and enhances their seaworthiness are three key features: a deep V-design that effortlessly slices through waves, a spacious bow designed to tackle rough sea states, and a flare that effectively keeps the topsides dry. The rich history of sportfishing in North Carolina traces its roots back to the commercial fishing boats, with the emergence of Carolina boat builders in the 1950s.

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