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    Galati Yacht Sales is an authorized Cruisers Yacht dealer – providing exclusive Cruisers Yacht inventory all around the Gulf — Explore the Cruisers brand and available used Cruisers Yachts for sale in Florida including Anna Maria, Sarasota, Naples, Tampa, and Destin, along with Alabama, and our Texas locations in Houston, Galveston, and Port Aransas.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Cruisers Yachts

    What are cruiser boats used for?

    Cruiser boats are used for extended weekend trips, day trip adventures, or for a casual day anchored out at a sandbar — think of a Cruiser boat as your own mini home on the water. Cruiser boats typically have 2-3 staterooms, a galley, and entertainment spaces for fun in the sun. Cruisers Yachts make the perfect cruiser boat for family and friends. They are hand-crafted American-made yachts built with innovation and quality at the forefront and range in size from 34-60 feet.

    Is a cruiser boat a yacht?

    A cruiser boat can classify as a yacht. A general rule of thumb is most yachts are classified as anything over 40 feet and offer cabins for overnight use. Many cruiser boat models can fall into this category including Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius, 46 Cantius, 50 Cantius, 54 Cantius, and 60 Cantius.

    Is cruiser good for beginners?

    Cruisers Yachts are great for beginners. Anything in the 40-50 foot range is a great starting point for those looking to get into the boating lifestyle. Plus, with the latest and greatest technology offered, operating a boat this size is easier than ever. Learn more about Cruisers Yachts 42 Cantius, 46 Cantius, and 50 Cantius.

    What are cruisers best for?

    Cruiser boats are best for couples or small families looking to explore or travel farther distances. Cruiser boats typically offer overnight accommodations, along with a fully equipped galley for multiple days spent on the water.

    Are cruisers good for long distance?

    Cruisers are good for long distances and short distances on the water. Depending on your comfort level, Cruisers are made to spend multiple days out at sea in good weather with overnight accommodations, good fuel economy, and a fully equipped galley. Cruisers Yachts are a great example of cruiser boats made for long distances as they are built with quality materials and a seaworthy hull.

    How much do cabin cruiser boats cost?

    The cost of a Cabin Cruiser, or Cruiser for short, depends on several factors — purchasing new or used, model, length, engine package, additional accessories, etc. Overall, prices vary greatly. The used yacht market shows a range of Cruisers boats for sale costing anywhere from $469,000 for a 2014 41’ Cruisers Yacht to over $1 million for a 2022 46 Cruisers Cantius. Speak to one of our knowledgeable yacht brokers for pricing details on Cabin Cruiser Boats.

    What is the range of a cabin cruiser boat?

    Cabin Cruiser boats can range anywhere from around 30 feet to 50 feet or more. Larger cabin cruisers typically offer 3-4 private staterooms for family and guests, while smaller cabin cruisers can sleep up to 2-4 people.

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