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    With a reputation for building some of the best high-performance fishing boats that outperform and out-last, Contender is an icon in the industry thanks to Joe Neber, Owner and President of Contender Boats. Offering performance through innovation, careful engineering, and meticulous craftsmanship, Contender remains an industry forerunner year after year.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Used Contender Boats

    Is a Contender a good boat?

    Contender boats are great boats that have made a name for themselves as one of the best fishing boats on the market. They have earned a reputation for building fast, reliable, sleek inshore and offshore semi-custom boats that are high-quality tournament winners.

    Where is Contender boats made?

    Contender boats are made in Homestead, Florida, since 1984. In 2021, Contender President and Owner Joe Neber announced the opening of its second production facility in Fort Pierce, FL.

    What type of boat is a Contender?

    Contender’s semi-custom fleet consists of twelve models of center console boats, ranging from a 24’ bay boat to a 44’ sport fisher.

    Are contender boats foam filled?

    Contender boats are hand laid with fiberglass, paying extra attention to the detail of the hull — a reason why captains and customers continue to come back. The build process is not an automated assembly line; rather each boat is built uniquely with the personality and style to make it your own.

    Does Contender still use wood?

    Built for speed and sports use, Contender boats are mainly built using fiberglass for the hull and composite for the decks, however, wood may be used during some construction processes.

    Are contender boats a dry ride?

    Contender boats are known for their performance capabilities and dry ride. Designed with both comfortability and fishability in mind, these boats are constructed with an increased deadrise, wider chines, and a higher shear aft to reduce spray and keep passengers dry. Additionally, the shallow, narrow V-shaped hull assists in carving through waves and accelerating the vessel onto plane with minimal spray.

    Who owns Contender Boats?

    Joe Neber is the current owner and President of Contender Boats. Joe grew up free diving and spearfishing the waters of South Florida, the same waters that Joe began Contender on in 1984.

    How fast do contender boats go?

    Contender’s 35ST has a top speed of over 70 mph. This speed is powered by triple Yamaha 350hp engines. It is worth noting that the overall vessel weight and engine package on various models can greatly determine and vary the top speed of a boat.

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