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Used Carver Yachts & Boats For Sale

Starting out as a hobby for two men in a garage led Charles and George to create Carver Yachts. One never knows where an idea and a love for boats can take them until embarking on a journey. This passion and their skills took Carver to new heights, and up until 2021, Carver continued to be a leader in the industry by creating highly functional, spacious, and dependable luxury cruising motor yachts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Carver Yachts

Does Carver still make yachts?

Carver no longer makes yachts. The company closed its doors in 2021. However, you can still find a wide array of used Carver Yachts for sale on the brokerage market.

Did Carver yachts get sold?

Carver Yachts was sold back in 1985 by Miramar Marine Corp, which eventually evolved into Genmar Holding, Inc. However, after filing bankruptcy in 2008, Genmar Holdings was auctioned off in 2010; Irwin Jacobs and John Paul DeJoria (J&D Acquisitions) purchased Carver and Marquis Yachts for $6.05 million. They formed the Marquis-Larson Boat Group — which consisted of six boat brands — Marquis, Carver, Larson, Larson FX, Larson Escape, and Striper. In 2018, Polaris acquired the assets of most of the Larson Boat Group companies aside from Marquis and Carver, but in the summer of 2021, both Marquis and Carver Yachts shut down for good.

Are Carver yachts seaworthy?

Carver Yachts are considered to be seaworthy boats in calm seas. Many boaters argue that Carver Boats are great coastal boats but don’t outperform in offshore waters.

Who makes Carver yachts?

The most recent owner of Carver Yachts was Irwin Jacobs and John Paul DeJoria, owners of J&D Acquisitions. Carver Yachts closed its doors in 2021.

Where are Carver yachts built?

Is Carver boats going out of business?

Is Carver boats going out of business?

Carver boats went out of business in the summer of 2021. KCS International, the former owner of Cruisers Yachts, purchased the Pulaski, WI manufacturing facilities of Carver Yachts and Marquis Yachts.

What kind of boat is a carver?

Carver Yachts specializes in luxury motor yachts, specifically aft cabin motor yachts, command bridge, and sports coupe boats.

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