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Take a moment, step back to take in the startling, majestic beauty of the Broward Super-Yacht. The gallantry of a Broward Yacht can’t be conveyed in picture or video. See this yacht dockside to appreciate its grandeur. Take time to notice the distinctive lines, glossy wood accents, stainless steel, and aluminum fittings and trim.

With a rich and distinctive 60-year history, their first sport-yacht instantly gained notoriety for building first-class, sturdy vessels that handle the open ocean in comfort and style. It’s interesting that Broward made minesweepers for NATO. Quite a departure from where they are now. In 1953 they shifted back to building large, luxury motor yachts. Today each Broward Yacht is designed by preeminent naval architects, engineers, and craftspeople to create one of the most sought-after custom mega-yachts on the planet.

What gives each vessel is its soul, is the meticulous focus on the Broward Yacht time-honored design and extensive preparation. Well before construction begins, lengthy collaborative planning meetings are held with the owner, the design, construction, and management teams. Broward knows that planning is everything. With today's incredible design software, they can build a vessel digitally right down to the size and material of a bolt. At the end of construction and fit-out, as with any large ship or military craft, a Broward Yacht is not deemed complete until they complete extensive sea-trials for seaworthiness and verify the performance of every component.

This verification process referred to as commissioning is a separate, disassociated team of engineers who inspect all aspects of the super-yacht. Commissioning starts during design to assist architects, engineers, and interior designers to ensure impeccable quality. It’s a vital process that reduces potential inconsistencies early in design, rather than discovering them during construction. Commissioning streamlines design and development while reducing risk and maintaining the budget for both owner and shipbuilder. This third-party process verifies everything, from navigation and lighting to propulsion and helm control, is functioning and installed as expected. A detailed report is given to the owner.

There’s no need to mention the beautiful, extravagant luxury, attention to the smallest detail, or open water ruggedness because it’s a reputation ingrained in every Broward Yacht.


broward Yacht's Fast Facts

  • Location Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • Established in 1948
  • Sizes 60’ - 165’
  • Boat Types Custom Mega Yachts

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