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About Boston Whaler Boats

UNSINKABLE, this claim was first publicized in the article ‘The Hull Truth’ in the May 19, 1961 issue of Life Magazine. Photographs show the founder of Boston Whaler Boats, Richard Fisher, seated comfortably in the stern with a logging saw cutting the boat in half. That tradition of proving unsinkable durability continues today with a multitude of grueling torture tests. One of the most compelling tests of late was cutting a fully rigged 37’ Outrage outfitted with three Mercury Verados in half behind the helm.

The Unsinkable legend

They did another test using 40 people on a cut-in-half 37’ Boston Whaler Boat. The boat stayed firmly afloat just below the waterline. This unique torture test proves that today’s largest Whaler Boat is indeed unsinkable. From splitting boats in two and shooting a hull with hundreds of bullets to driving a 69,000 lb. construction truck over a hull, the durability, strength, and safety of any  are undeniably legendary.

Stability and Durability

Whaler boats boast a silky-smooth dry ride, steadfast performance, unmatched durability, and uncompromising safety with their Unibond™ hull construction. They are the quintessential recreational vessel as well as the choice of every branch of the armed forces, dozens of law enforcement organizations, and research institutions.

Boston Whaler has been chosen by the U.S. Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command and the premier boat rescue organization, Sea Tow. This speaks volumes about their stability and durability. If this wasn’t enough, the company has won many awards that include multiple NMMA Innovation Awards, European Boat of the Year, Motorboat Super-Boat of the Year, and Boating Magazine’s Boat of the Year.

Customer Focused

The company has a team dedicated to collecting customer insights and comments through in-person interviews, phone polling, as well as online surveys. Designers are committed to ensuring Boston Whalers have first-class updates and are always looking ahead to incorporating cutting-edge innovations. For over sixty years, they have been providing boaters with a unique experience that no other could compare to. Whether it be fishingcruising, exploring, or keeping waterways safe, each and every Whaler boat goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. This unwavering attention to detail has provided the company with a reputation for customer satisfaction and confidence.

Shop Used Boston Whaler Boats For Sale

We have a variety of Used Boston Whaler Boats for sale. Our knowledgeable and experienced yacht brokers would be happy to assist you with any questions, as they are well-versed in all aspects of the used yacht market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Boston Whaler cost?

The cost of a Boston Whaler depends on several factors — purchasing new or used, model, length, engine package, additional accessories, etc. Overall, prices vary greatly. The used yacht market shows a range of Boston Whalers boats for sale costing anywhere from $338,000 for a 2016 35’ Outrage to over $1.5 million for a 2022 42’ Outrage. Chat with a knowledgeable yacht broker for additional pricing details.

What is so special about a Boston Whaler?

Boston Whaler boats are special in the fact that they are known to be unsinkable. These boats go through rigorous tests to ensure maximum durability and dependability so you can hit the water with confidence and peace of mind — and are one of the most trusted boats on the market.

Do Boston Whalers hold their value?

Boston Whalers hold their value exceptionally well compared to similar brands. The company’s reputation, the durability of their boats, enhanced safety, and buyer demand, all play a part in why Boston Whaler boats hold their value better than the average boat.

Can you take a Boston Whaler in the ocean?

Yes, Boston Whaler boats can be taken into the ocean. These boats are among the best bay and offshore fishing boats on the market. Boston Whalers are also great for day cruising, overnight trips, or tenders. Their uncompromising safety on the water make Whalers highly sought-after boats for ocean adventures.

What boat is comparable to a Boston Whaler?

Boats comparable to Boston Whaler include Grady-WhiteEvergladesPursuit, and Edgewater boats.

Why do Boston Whalers cost so much?

Boston Whalers may cost more than similar brands simply because these boats stand the test of time. Every Whaler is built using premium materials and they go through ample testing to ensure durability and safety. In addition, the company has an in-house team of naval architects and structural engineers working hand in hand for more in-depth stability analysis and constant communication between the design and engineering teams, a crucial factor in the boat-building process other companies outsource.

What is the most popular Boston Whaler model?

Based on customer feedback, the Boston Whaler Montauk is the brand’s most popular model line, followed by the Outrage line. The  Montauk center console offers a practical design perfect for fishing, watersports, or simply cruising the waterways.

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